Adhesive Tape Coating Machine

Adhesive Tape Coating Machine

Spiral paper core making machine / Paper tube bobbin coiling machine for adhesive tapes.

Adhesive Tape Coating Machine

Tape Making Machine


Preparation before starting up:

1 The operator must check whether the voltage of the equipment is normal before starting the machine, and there is no debris or anything unrelated to production around the equipment.
2 Read the production task notice and process list carefully; and obtain the packaging materials and auxiliary materials related to the production of the order according to the requirements of the process sheet.

Adhesive Tape Coating Machine

Tape Making Machine


Production debugging:
1 According to the requirements of the process sheet, the base material of the bag to be bagged is installed at the center of the loading shaft by a hydraulic vehicle, and the air-expansion shaft is inflated with a pneumatic gun. Start the air pressure lifting device to place the substrate in the appropriate discharge position. Check the roll substrate for product defects and strips. If it is necessary to keep in mind the joint position, in order to eliminate defective products during the bag making process.

2 Correctly dressing.

3 After the material is finished, the heat-sealing tool that meets the product requirements can be replaced according to the requirements of the process.

4 Turn on the main power, cooling water, static elimination device and compressed air source. According to the process requirements, set the appropriate temperature of the corresponding heat sealing knife through the operation interface.

5 Set the discharge tension air pressure and put it into automatic.

6 Through the spot button, the material is sent to the cut position required by the process sheet, and the length of the bag is adjusted to track the sensitivity of the electric eye. If punching is required, adjust the position of the rounded hole and the tearing opening.

7 Through the man-machine interface, set the bag size according to the requirements of the process sheet, the bag feeding speed, the quantity of finished products and the sealing ratio


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