Tape Sticking Machine

Tape Sticking Machine

Packaging bopp packing clear brown adhesive tape jumbo roll production line making coating machine.

Tape Sticking Machine

Small custom printing BOPP adhesive cello coating tape making machine can produce different sizes of clear tapes, printed tapes and color tapes with good quality.

Tape Sticking Machine

Tape Making Machine


Article 2
All units must carry out number management on the belt joints of the belt conveyor. In addition to the daily inspections, the belts are thoroughly inspected and recorded every week, and problems are found to be dealt with in a timely manner.

Article 3

All steel wire ropes must be inspected regularly. The inspection is carried out by a special person. The period is one month. After the flaw detection, a flaw detection report must be issued and the bottom is required. The belt conveyor roller inspection company issued the belt conveyor flaw detection. Management Measures (Trial).


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