Tape Line Machine

Tape Line Machine

Packaging bopp packing clear brown adhesive tape jumbo roll production line making coating machine.

Tape Line Machine

Tape Making Machien


Protection management regulations:

The tape machine protection must be complete, intact, sensitive and reliable, and the settings meet the following requirements.

1, fully mechanized mining, centralized transportation, main transportation, loading and unloading tape machine must be installed anti-skid, coal, deviation, tension, tear-proof, cable emergency stop, chain, smoke alarm and over-temperature automatic sprinkler, main transportation The belt conveyor on the lane must also be equipped with anti-reverse and braking devices; the lower belt conveyor must be equipped with a brake device.
2. After the continuous mining and comprehensive excavation, the supporting tape machine must be equipped with anti-skid, coal-filling, deviation, cable emergency stop and interlocking device.
3, the transport tape machine must also be equipped with anti-reverse; the lower belt conveyor must be equipped with a brake device.

Tape Line Machine

Tape Making Machine


Article 1
There is no lighting or protective net at the end of the tape machine head, and the fine is 200 yuan.
Article 2
The iron remover is not set or the iron number is not managed as required, and the fine is 300 yuan. The iron remover is not cleaned in time and is fined 50 yuan each time.
Article 3
The belt crossing bridge does not meet the above installation standards and is fined 100 yuan.
Article 4
The team team did not regularly inspect the tape machine or the records were incomplete, and each time the fine was 100 yuan.
Article 5
The belt conveyor is short of idle rollers or idlers, the shelves are not fixed, and the support is not strong. Each unit is fined 50 yuan.
Article 6
The belt conveyor hanging, support and fixed connection are not reliable, and each unit is fined 200 yuan.


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