Adhesive Tape Sticking Machine

Adhesive Tape Sticking Machine

1.1. Used to produce BOPP packing tape;

1.2. Suitable material: 

1.2.1. Base material: BOPP film (0.023-0.032mm) ;

1.2.2. Glue: acrylic acid glue, solid content no less than 55%, viscosity: 150~200CPS.

Adhesive Tape Sticking Machine

Tape slitter is a kind of tape processing tool mainly used to cut the tape according to a certain size. With it, we can cut the tape according to any adjustment scale to meet different requirements for tape production.

Adhesive Tape Sticking Machine

Tape Making Machine


1 After the end of the order is stopped, the site must be cleaned, the finished product is boxed, and the next batch of products is awaited.
2 If the bag making machine stops for one shift, the water, electricity and gas should be turned off.


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