Aluminum Foil Tape Cutting Machine

Aluminum Foil Tape Cutting Machine

1.1. Used to produce BOPP packing tape;

1.2. Suitable material: 

1.2.1. Base material: BOPP film (0.023-0.032mm) ;

1.2.2. Glue: acrylic acid glue, solid content no less than 55%, viscosity: 150~200CPS.

Aluminum Foil Tape Cutting Machine

This automatic medical tape machine is used for slitting all kinds of medical tape.

Aluminum Foil Tape Cutting Machine

Tape Making Machine


Article 1

At least one iron remover shall be installed in the main transport system (large lane, main well and upper warehouse belt conveyor), and the iron separator shall be installed at the joint of the fully integrated belt conveyor and the belt conveyor.
1. The magnetic field strength of the iron separator installed in the continuous mining working face belt machine is not less than 1200 GS; the magnetic field strength of the iron separator installed in the fully mechanized mining belt conveyor and the main transportation system (large lane, main shaft and upper warehouse belt) is not less than 1500 GS. The upper roller and the upper roller frame must not be installed directly under the iron remover.
2. Each district team should contact the coal quality department every quarter to perform a magnetic field strength test on the used iron remover. When the measured magnetic field strength is less than 70% of the designed magnetic field strength, it must be replaced.
3. The iron separator implements the charter management system. Each iron remover must have a charter responsibility card. The liability card must specify the equipment status, charter owner and related technical parameters.
4. A glove box must be set within 5 meters of each iron remover. The iron remover should be started and stopped at the same time as the belt conveyor. After the shutdown, the debris adsorbed on the iron remover should be cleaned up in time.
5. The installation and management of the iron remover shall be carried out in accordance with the “Administrative Measures for Iron Removal of Shendong Coal Branch (Trial)”.


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