Woven Tape Printing Machine

Woven Tape Printing Machine

1.1. Used to produce BOPP packing tape;

1.2. Suitable material: 

1.2.1. Base material: BOPP film (0.023-0.032mm) ;

1.2.2. Glue: acrylic acid glue, solid content no less than 55%, viscosity: 150~200CPS.

Woven Tape Printing Machine

Small custom printing BOPP adhesive cello coating tape making machine can produce different sizes of clear tapes, printed tapes and color tapes with good quality.

Woven Tape Printing Machine

Tape Making Machine


Article 4
The receiving point of the tape machine must use a buffer bed or other cushioning device to prevent the sharp tape or hard object from tearing the tape. The installation requirements are as follows:
1. The production of the guide groove of all belt conveyors must be standardized, the welding is firm and reliable, the height of the coal is guaranteed to be more than 1 meter, and the lower mouth of the slip nozzle should be smooth, so as to improve the passage of coal flow and prevent large coal or The meteorite caused the tearing accident due to the fact that the guide material was not smoothly caught in the guide groove.
2. Install a set of buffer beds (ie, the installation length is 1.2 meters) at each receiving point. The distance between the surface of the buffer strip and the belt surface shall not be less than 20~30mm, to prevent the surface from sinking due to the long installation length. Increase the wear on the belt surface; the installation clearance between the buffer strips shall not exceed 10 mm, and the gap shall be filled after installation to prevent the iron piece or large piece of coal and vermiculite from penetrating the belt between the gaps of the buffer strip, resulting in Tear the accident.
3. The operation team shall formulate the management system of coal bunker, slip coal eye, and distribution bar scraper (cast stone slab). The bunker must be equipped with anti-smashing bin protection device to prevent coal slip directly from impacting the bottom shrinkage plate and I-beam. Causes deformation and shedding, mixing into the coal slip causes tearing accident.


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