Pp Tape Machine

Pp Tape Machine

suitable for cutting PVC tape,masking paper tape,double sided tape,kraft tape,conductive foam tape,duck tape,protective film, etc.

Pp Tape Machine

This slitting machine is also suitable for bopp, stationary tape, glass paper tape. cellophone tape etc.

Suitable for slitting BOPP adhesive tape, cellophane tape, scotch tape,etc.

Pp Tape Machine

Tape Making Machine


1 After the end of the order is stopped, the site must be cleaned, the finished product is boxed, and the next batch of products is awaited.
2 If the bag making machine stops for one shift, the water, electricity and gas should be turned off.


Zhengzhou EAST IMPORT AND EXPORT co., ltd . ( a goulian group of company) a manufacturer and exporter for all kind of packaging machinery , like bopp tape coating machines, bopp tape slitting machines. Bopp tape core cutter, bopp tape core loader etc

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