Heat Tape Machine

Heat Tape Machine

Top selling transparent cello tape slitting machine 

Suitable for the slitting of BOPP, OPP, PE, PET, Aluminium and etc.

Heat Tape Machine

This slitting machine is also suitable for bopp, stationary tape, glass paper tape. cellophone tape etc.

Suitable for slitting BOPP adhesive tape, cellophane tape, scotch tape,etc.

Heat Tape Machine

Tape Making Machine

Article 5
In order to facilitate the maintenance and repair of the equipment, a pedestrian crossing bridge is set every 300 meters when the belt conveyor transport length exceeds 300 meters. In case of special circumstances, additional bridges must be added. The bridge setting must meet the following requirements.
1. Handrails must be provided on both sides of the top of the bridge. The height of the handrail is not less than 700mm. When the height of the bridge deck is greater than 1700mm, the ladders on both sides of the bridge should be set with handrails of not less than 500mm.
2. The effective width of the pedestrian passage of the bridge is not less than 600mm.
3. The distance from the bottom of the bridge to the center of the upper deck is not less than 600mm. The belt conveyor of 1m or more is not less than 800mm, but it is necessary to ensure the large coal and vermiculite pass smoothly according to the actual situation on site.
4. The four legs of the bridge and the roadway floor must be fixed firmly. At the same time, it must be fixed firmly with the belt machine frame. When installing the bridge in the inclined roadway, there must be a reliable anti-fall device.
5. The pedals of the bridge should be made of patterned steel plates or take anti-slip measures.


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