Tape Coating Equipment

Tape Coating Equipment

1. It is provided with anilox roller plus blade for coating mode, and also provided with many selection opportunities of anilox roller with various coating amount. 

2. It is provided with separate five-section type constant temperature drying system using infrared stainless steel heating tube plus beating wind, as wellas adjustable interior circulation air draining and suction devices. It is advantageous in strong wind-exit and wind entrance, helping drying thoroughly. 

Tape Coating Equipment

This machine is an advanced equipment especially used to coat chocolate beans, including nutlet, mylikes etc. It uses PLC program to automatic controlling, storing technological formula of different kinds of products and also equipped with automatic weighing system.The whole production process includes automatic controlling of chocolate flow.

Tape Coating Equipment

Coating Machine - Process flow


Second, coating materials equipment, tools:
Positive electrode slurry, negative electrode slurry, aluminum foil, copper foil, aluminum foil tape (for connecting joints), double-sided tape (connecting lead tape), traction belt (waste copper aluminum foil), alcohol (for scrubbing roll surface), Wipes, compressed air, coated plug gauges (used to remove scratches), micrometers (for thickness measurement), balance scales (weighing, density measurement), blades, material boxes, rulers, fine needles, blades.


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