Bopp Self Adhesive Tape Coating Machine

Bopp Self Adhesive Tape Coating Machine

1. It is provided with anilox roller plus blade for coating mode, and also provided with many selection opportunities of anilox roller with various coating amount. 

2. It is provided with separate five-section type constant temperature drying system using infrared stainless steel heating tube plus beating wind, as wellas adjustable interior circulation air draining and suction devices. It is advantageous in strong wind-exit and wind entrance, helping drying thoroughly. 

Bopp Self Adhesive Tape Coating Machine

Coating Machine - Process flow

Fourth, the process requirements: positive and negative electrode coating:
Foil requirements: aluminum foil: (degree × width) 18um × 500 (±1.0) mm areal density: 0.48 ± 0.02g / 100cm2 copper foil: wool foil: (degree × width) 9um × 500 (± 0.5) mm areal density: 0.98±0.04 g/100cm2 Light foil (degree×width) 9 um×500(±0.5)mm Area density: 0.87±0.04 g/100cm2
4 coating standards:
Dressing density:
positive electrode;
First dressing density: ±0.02g/100 cm2
Second dressing density: ±0.02g/100 cm2 Double-sided total dressing density: ±0.04 g/100 cm2
Negative electrode:
First dressing density: ±0.015 g/100 cm2 First dressing density: ±0.015 g/100 cm2

Bopp Self Adhesive Tape Coating Machine

Coating Machine - Head inspection items:

1, foil tape inspection, must meet the process standards.
2, the pole piece has a leaky foil, and the shutdown is clean.
3, there are scratches in several consecutive sections, and clean in time.
4. There are scratches on the guide roller, and the machine is wiped clean.
5, the gap is not parallel for several consecutive sections, stop adjustment.
6, tracking, gap, coating length is not accurate, stop adjustment.
7. The foil strip runs around and checks whether the correction is in the servo state.
8. The edge of the pole piece is too wide and has no edge, and the baffle plate is adjusted.
9. Always ensure that the hopper's slurry is full.
10. After the operation is completed, thoroughly clean the machine head.


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