Water Based Bopp Coating Machine

Water Based Bopp Coating Machine

1. Moveable blade device. 
2. Guiding roller in oven will synchronously rotates with main shaft. 
3. Solenoid operated valve controlling is adopted for Anilx roller and drawing roller. 
4. Automatic meter-measuring devices. 
5. Key mode air shaft is used for unwinding and rewinding shafts, easy to load and unload. 

Water Based Bopp Coating Machine

The Adhesive Tape Coating Machine machine is suitable for the production of bronzing film, laser laser film, gold and silver cardboard, notice stickers and other coating composite products.
An anilox roll with a knife coating method is available, and a variety of coating rolls are available for selection.
Mobile knife device, pneumatic device.
Five sections of independent constant temperature semiconductor tube heating air drying system, adjustable internal circulation suction and exhaust device, strong wind and exhaust in the exhaust and exhaust.
The anilox roller and the traction roller are controlled by cylinder pressure. Automatic metering device.
The retractable shaft adopts a self-propelled air-expansion shaft and is convenient to handle loading and unloading. The whole oven is pressed with a gas top.
The whole machine three motors synchronously control the coating, drawing and winding.

Water Based Bopp Coating Machine

Coating Machine - Process flow


Fifth, the common problems of coating and treatment methods:

6, pay attention to observe whether there are bubbles on the pole piece, exposed foil and other phenomena occur, once the shutdown occurs to adjust the left and right motor moving distance to deal with in time.
7. The initial roll diameter value of the unwinding is always set at 48% - 58%.
8. Open the test roll when the coating stops.
9. When the coating encounters a circle, click Reset.
10. The rewinding paper tube must be placed in the middle, and the winding is guaranteed to be neat. When marking the circle or other problems, mark it in time.
11. Check if the pole piece is dry when winding. If it is not dry, increase the temperature or reduce the speed.
12. The gap is not uniform. The coating tension can be changed by adjusting the lifting roller. The left and right motors can also be adjusted for fine adjustment.


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