Cheap Packaging Tape Coating Machine

Cheap Packaging Tape Coating Machine

1. Industry adhesive tape(cleaning adhesive tape, Kraft adhesive tape, masking tape, aluminum foil, fiber tape, duct tape, foam tape etc.)

2. Medical protect tape(infusion tape, band-aid, wound tape, protect bandages etc.)

3. Shoes material, clothing accessories(EVA shoes material, hot glue tape film, duct tape etc.)

Cheap Packaging Tape Coating Machine

The Adhesive Tape Coating Machine machine is suitable for the production of bronzing film, laser laser film, gold and silver cardboard, notice stickers and other coating composite products.
An anilox roll with a knife coating method is available, and a variety of coating rolls are available for selection.
Mobile knife device, pneumatic device.
Five sections of independent constant temperature semiconductor tube heating air drying system, adjustable internal circulation suction and exhaust device, strong wind and exhaust in the exhaust and exhaust.
The anilox roller and the traction roller are controlled by cylinder pressure. Automatic metering device.
The retractable shaft adopts a self-propelled air-expansion shaft and is convenient to handle loading and unloading. The whole oven is pressed with a gas top.
The whole machine three motors synchronously control the coating, drawing and winding.

Cheap Packaging Tape Coating Machine

Coating Machine - matters needing attention


1. The maximum temperature of the positive electrode coating should not exceed 125 oC on one side. The single surface is not easy to dry. The non-stick roller is the standard. The reverse speed is slow and thoroughly dried.
2. The temperature of the single side of the negative electrode should not exceed 105 oC, and the temperature of double coating should not exceed 110oC.
3. The coated pole piece must be completely baked. If it does not dry or has the phenomenon of stripping, the temperature of the temperature zone can be properly adjusted, the temperature can be lowered, the pole piece can be stripped, the temperature can be lowered, and the temperature can be raised.
4. The density is adjusted by adjusting the screw.
5, the thickness is adjusted by adjusting the screw, so that the two sides reach a consistent speech.
6. Adjust the speed and temperature to achieve the best coating.


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