Cheap Packaging Tape Gluing Machine

Cheap Packaging Tape Gluing Machine

1. Industry adhesive tape(cleaning adhesive tape, Kraft adhesive tape, masking tape, aluminum foil, fiber tape, duct tape, foam tape etc.)

2. Medical protect tape(infusion tape, band-aid, wound tape, protect bandages etc.)

3. Shoes material, clothing accessories(EVA shoes material, hot glue tape film, duct tape etc.)

Cheap Packaging Tape Gluing Machine

Adhesive Tape Coating Machine operation process:
1. Prepare before starting up
1) Check each electrical switch for any abnormalities such as falling off or damage.
2) Wear the traction belt at the normal temperature stop condition according to the requirements of the process piece.
3) Start the exhaust unit.
4) Confirm that there is no open flame in the coating machine room.
5) The coater control cabinet and the drying cabinet housing must be reliably grounded.
1.2 boot program
1) Close the main power switch and the power switch on the control cabinet.
2) Set the initial value (usually 180 to 280) and the division ratio on the tension controller.
3) Set the coating working mode and related parameters (coating speed, section length, gap length, roll speed ratio, etc.), and then turn on the compressed air;
4) Start the drying fan and the drying temperature controller.
5) Turn on the automatic deskew and tension controller power.
6) The temperature of each section of the equipment has reached the required temperature of the process;
7) Feed the coating device hopper while starting the coater for coating.
1.3 shutdown procedure
1) Confirm that the coated pole piece has been wound up and then stop.
2) Turn off the heater power of the equipment and stop the drying fan and other fans when the temperature of each section drops below 60 degrees Celsius;
3) Stop the compressed air.
4) Disconnect power from the correcting cabinet and control cabinet.

Cheap Packaging Tape Gluing Machine

Coating Machine - Process flow


Fifth, the common problems of coating and treatment methods:
1. The unwinding position of the coating head must be fixed, and the tension adjustment is appropriate. Otherwise, the foil will be wrinkled and dark.
2. The correction of the anti-rolling position of the machine head is always set in the automatic state, otherwise the foil will be deflected and the coating will be inconsistent.
3. The machine head slurry is guaranteed to be full, otherwise the pole piece density is not uniform.
4. Adjust the baffle plate as required to ensure that the edge of the pole piece is too wide or too narrow.
5, pay attention to the scratches on the pole piece, and timely use the plug gauge to deal with, or stop the machine.


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