Bopp Printed Tape Gluing Machine

Bopp Printed Tape Gluing Machine

1. Main engine with glue pump track together, operate manual control alone too.

2. Use import intelligent PID temperature system, stabile temperature and error in 1 °c.

3. Multi rool enlarge cooling installation, enlarge base material use range, improve produce speed.

4. Independent research and development of high precision metering pump with high precision alloy steel die, realized the high quality coating effect.

Bopp Printed Tape Gluing Machine

The Adhesive Tape Coating Machine machine is suitable for the production of bronzing film, laser laser film, gold and silver cardboard, notice stickers and other coating composite products.
An anilox roll with a knife coating method is available, and a variety of coating rolls are available for selection.
Mobile knife device, pneumatic device.
Five sections of independent constant temperature semiconductor tube heating air drying system, adjustable internal circulation suction and exhaust device, strong wind and exhaust in the exhaust and exhaust.
The anilox roller and the traction roller are controlled by cylinder pressure. Automatic metering device.
The retractable shaft adopts a self-propelled air-expansion shaft and is convenient to handle loading and unloading. The whole oven is pressed with a gas top.
The whole machine three motors synchronously control the coating, drawing and winding.

Bopp Printed Tape Gluing Machine

Coating Machine - Process flow


Fifth, the common problems of coating and treatment methods:

13. The coating tension is set at 1.8 and the negative is set at 2.8.
14. When the thickness is not uniform, adjust the distance between the scraper and the test roll.
15, the front and back are inconsistent, adjust the coating length and tracking coating length.
16. The tension of the initial roll diameter should be adjusted each time the roll is changed.
17. Rounding or other issues are well marked.


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