Bopp Tape Slitter Machinery

Bopp Tape Slitter Machinery

Main way of tension control
The tension control method is generally divided into two types: open loop control mode and closed loop control mode. The open loop control is to directly drive the winding mechanism with an electric motor having a similar winding characteristic n = kD (n is the rotational speed, k is a constant, and D is the diameter of the winding roller) to obtain an approximate constant tension operation. The open loop control has poor randomness and low control precision. The closed loop tension control has two kinds of direct tension control and indirect tension control. In the actual production process, the volume is adjusted, that is, the tension is fed back, compared with the given tension, and then the difference is applied to the regulator to adjust the controlled object so that the output tension meets the actual demand. It is called direct tension closed-loop control. This method can eliminate the steady-state error without considering various compensations. The indirect tension control uses the motor speed-torque characteristic curve to control the torque to control the torque, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the tension. This method requires dynamic and static compensation. Sometimes, in order to obtain more precise control performance, a composite tension control method is adopted, that is, the required control amount is first determined according to an indirect control algorithm, and various compensations are considered to make the indirect control as accurate as possible, and then the direct tension control is used for fine adjustment.

Bopp Tape Slitter Machinery

Causes, countermeasures and effects on the quality of BOPP film slitting quality ---

(iv) Effect of film roll tightness on product quality

2. The volume is too loose:
1 Shift: Due to the looseness of the winding, the film roll is easy to move in series and shifts. If the degree is serious, it cannot be used.
2 Core-pulling: Due to the looseness of the winding, the film roll has serious end face misalignment near the paper tube during the loading or unloading or use process, commonly known as “core pulling”, which affects the appearance and use effect of the product.
3 The film wrinkles produced by the loosening of the rolls and the pit lines (stars) formed by the tightness of the inner pines affect the appearance quality and the use effect of the products to some extent.
4 Face wrinkles: Due to the looseness of the winding, the point support force of the end face of the film roll during the movement is reduced, and the fish scale-like end face wrinkles are easily generated.
5 Eccentricity: If the winding is too loose, the film roll will be eccentric (elliptical), and the unwinding tension will be uneven during the unwinding process, which will affect the use effect, especially the printing overprinting effect.

Bopp Tape Slitter Machinery

Reasons, countermeasures and effects of BOPP film slitting quality ---

nine. Scratch

     In addition, sometimes scratches due to slitting are difficult to detect by the naked eye, but scratches (scratches) will attenuate the corona value of the product. According to experience, the corona value is reduced by about half in the normal cutting process. Dyne, when the corona values ??differ by more than one dyne before and after cutting, the reasons for the cutting process, such as the speed ratio of the driving roller, the quality of the sand skin, the condition of the sipe roll, etc., should be checked to eliminate the influence. .
     It is worth mentioning that there is a kind of abrasion that is caused by the slitting process, but it is mainly caused by the cutting factor. It is mainly that the mother roll is too loose, and the product of the loose part is horizontally or vertically tilted during the slitting process. While scratching the film surface, it is found that the phenomenon is to install the upper splint on the mother roll for positioning, and secondly, the cutting speed should be properly controlled, and the influence of the quality of the mother roll on the cutting quality can be improved as much as possible.


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