Masking Tape Cutter Machine

Masking Tape Cutter Machine

Slitting machine instruction manual -

First, the basic parameters
1. Applicable nozzle length 80-120mm, diameter 5-8mm 2. Total machine power: 1.6kw, 380v 3ph
3. Dimensions: 8500*700*1700mm (L*W*H) 4. Weight: 500KG

Masking Tape Cutter Machine

Causes, countermeasures and effects on the quality of BOPP film slitting quality ---

(iv) Effect of film roll tightness on product quality

(5) Coping methods
1. Reasonable principle: Applicable is reasonable, which means that the cutting operator and the quality inspector are too loose according to the winding/
Too tightly influence the degree of influence on different products, adjust the cutting process reasonably, and reasonably grasp the tightness of the film roll to meet the requirements of the use of film products.
2. Ningsong Motight principle: objective when cutting equipment status, product specifications, film performance characteristics, etc.
When the influence of the condition causes the winding tightness to be in an inappropriate degree, the principle of tightness is generally used, because the problem of over-tightening often makes the film unusable, except for the special requirements.
3. The principle of primary and secondary: it means that in the process of slitting production, small groups should be followed to the interests of large collectives.
The principle of benefiting the interests of the company, avoiding the pursuit of high output and high distribution for the purpose of reducing the quality of cutting, all should be based on product quality, maintaining the German crown film brand as the responsibility, effectively completing various production and quality indicators Effectively serve the enterprise and users, and strive to be the best supplier of film.
4. System Management Principles: Refers to the use of systematic, scientific management methods, practical, theoretical, and empirical
The accumulated cutting control method is compiled, and according to the optimal combination of different types of products, width, winding length, season and other external variables and slitting tension, pressure and other internal variables, the document control management is performed to form an operation guidance document. Minimize the influence of subjective factors, reduce the impact caused by insufficient individual ability or excessive dependence on experience, and continuously supplement, optimize and improve the operation guidance documents to meet the needs of system management.

Masking Tape Cutter Machine

Reasons, countermeasures and effects of BOPP film slitting quality ---

nine. Scratch

     In addition, sometimes scratches due to slitting are difficult to detect by the naked eye, but scratches (scratches) will attenuate the corona value of the product. According to experience, the corona value is reduced by about half in the normal cutting process. Dyne, when the corona values ??differ by more than one dyne before and after cutting, the reasons for the cutting process, such as the speed ratio of the driving roller, the quality of the sand skin, the condition of the sipe roll, etc., should be checked to eliminate the influence. .
     It is worth mentioning that there is a kind of abrasion that is caused by the slitting process, but it is mainly caused by the cutting factor. It is mainly that the mother roll is too loose, and the product of the loose part is horizontally or vertically tilted during the slitting process. While scratching the film surface, it is found that the phenomenon is to install the upper splint on the mother roll for positioning, and secondly, the cutting speed should be properly controlled, and the influence of the quality of the mother roll on the cutting quality can be improved as much as possible.


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