Self Adhesive Tape Plant

Self Adhesive Tape Plant

1.Extent coating and compound distance, more suitable for thermal paper adhesive produce and other temperature resistance material compound.

2.With high precision and hard strength stand wear and tear die, ensure 200m/min high speed coating efficiency, and extent die life.

Self Adhesive Tape Plant

BOPP film tape introduction --

Tape development history--

Fives. Summary summary
Since the beginning and the end, all kinds of civilian tapes, industrial tapes and traditional medical tapes from ancient and modern Chinese and foreign countries have emerged on the basis of technical transformation of adhesives and media. Their products have also experienced intermittent fluctuations of thousands of years. Among them, black tape electrical insulating tape and wet water kraft paper tape, which is the most typical representative product of Xingsheng defeat, but it still exists in the tape market today, which proves that the social and economic benefits of tape products can not be ignored. As for the rise and fall of individual products, it is only possible to change and grow at a high speed according to changes in the times, changes in living environment conditions, or adjustment or improvement of industrial automation production structures. However, the fact is that tape products have developed with the development of human civilization and attached to the consumption index of social life, and have developed at a high speed. It has been subtly deepened in social
In the trend of economic growth and technological development, the flow has been long-lasting!


Self Adhesive Tape Plant

Characteristics of several coating methods -

1. Characteristics of air knife coating process:
The advantage of air knife coating is that a thick coating amount can be obtained, the coating layer is relatively uniform, and paper breakage is less likely to occur during coating. The disadvantage is that since the coater of the coater is an invisible air knife, it is necessary to require the paint to be soft and easy to control in order to scrape off excess paint and smooth the coating. In addition, the air knife formed by the air jet is more likely to cause the splash phenomenon of the paint, and the splash of the paint easily causes partial clogging of the air knife gap, resulting in unevenness of the coating layer.

Scraper coating:
1. Can make the paper get higher smoothness and gloss
2. The operability is higher than the air knife and the measuring rod, and the adjustment precision is higher than the latter two.
1. High requirements for base paper (to have good flatness, smoothness, sizing degree, etc.)
2. If it is used for topcoating, it also has higher requirements for lining (lower macroscopic roughness, but with appropriate micro-roughness)
3. This performance is good without air knives and measuring rods.
4. Easy to scratch the knife.


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