Paper Core Loader Machine

Paper Core Loader Machine

1.Extent coating and compound distance, more suitable for thermal paper adhesive produce and other temperature resistance material compound.

2.With high precision and hard strength stand wear and tear die, ensure 200m/min high speed coating efficiency, and extent die life.

Paper Core Loader Machine

Characteristics of several coating methods -

Stainless steel scraper
The scraper is sheared by a stainless steel sheet and pressed against the blade holder and applied to the upper (coating) rubber roller. Since the stainless steel sheet is soft, the squeegee is not very uniform, and most of the squeegee used on the anilox roll is also used for pre-scraping of the glazing coating.

Comma scraper
Such scrapers are often made of round steel with good strength and hardness. The blade is fixed and does not rotate when the glue is scraped. The strength of the scraper is high, the hardness of the blade is small, and the pneumatic and fine adjustment mechanism can be used to adjust and control the position of the scraper. The coating amount control and the scraping precision are high, and the use is also extremely convenient. Due to its uniform squeegee, it is suitable for precise squeegee coating on smooth rolls.

Bar scraper
This type of scraper is usually made of round rods with good strength and hardness. The round bar is required to rotate when scraping the glue. Sometimes the bar can also be scraped directly onto the substrate. The full runout error of the scraper bar is very small, and it is mostly used for the pre-squeegee coating of the glue bar coating on the light roller. When the glue is sticky, it can also be directly scraped on the substrate with a scraper as a precise scraping agent for the coating mechanism. It can also be used for coating a thicker disposable squeegee.


Paper Core Loader Machine

Development of coating technology
From the analysis of the development situation in recent years, the future development of coating technology may present the following three important characteristics:
l Scraper coating will remain the most important coating method for a period of time in the future, and is developing towards high speed and high solid content;
l The measurement method of measuring size and pressure is widely accepted and developed rapidly;
l New coating methods such as spray coating and curtain coating have received widespread attention, indicating a bright future;
However, the above developments are unlikely to be smooth and must face many technical challenges. High-solid-state blade coating can cause running problems such as scraper marks, large blade pressure, paint deposition on the blade (commonly known as turning) and blade wear. Metering size press coating must face high speed and high solidity. The problems caused by the coating of high content and high coating amount. It includes fog splashing at the exit of the coating roll nip, orange peel paper on the coated surface, etc.; the new coating method also solves the new problems that have not been encountered in conventional coating.


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