Thermal Transfer Paper Coating Machine

Thermal Transfer Paper Coating Machine

1.Main engine & pump full-automatic tracking system and constant tension control system, no matter ensure the coating stability, improve the material compound roughness.

2.Double position for taking up roller and full automatic not reduce changing roller, greatly improve the equipment operation and produce efficiency.

Thermal Transfer Paper Coating Machine

Common micro gravure precision coating method --

Micro gravure coating:
     The coating roller is an anilox roller, and the diameter is generally between Φ20mm-Φ50mm, so it is called micro gravure coating, which is a direction, contact coating method, that is, the rotation direction of the micro coating roller and the film film. The feed direction is reversed and the film is not pressed onto the coating roll by the press rolls. Conventional gravure coating methods, whether direct coating or reverse coating, generally have a back pressure rubber roller and an anilox roller having substantially the same diameter as the rubber. Since the film is pressed between the rubber roller and the anilox roller, there is a possibility that defects such as wrinkles and cracks appear on the coated surface, and the pressure contact points of the two rolls affect the coating quality due to factors such as mechanical and pneumatic pressure.
     While micro gravure coating is a contact coating, contact coating means that there is no back pressure rubber roller, and therefore some potential disadvantages due to back pressure roller pressurization are eliminated.

Thermal Transfer Paper Coating Machine

Comma roll coating application case:
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Various optical films, protective films, film films, matte flexible packaging films.

Slot-Die Coating:
     The Slot Die coater is a high-precision coating method in which the coating glue is pressed from the reservoir to the nozzle through the supply line, and the glue is ejected from the nozzle to be transferred to the coated substrate.
1. The coating effect is good, and the coating amount is flexibly controlled by the micro-motion adjustment of the coating blade, and the coating precision is high.
2. It can coat the discontinuous mode, and the coating range can be adjusted freely. It does not need to use the baffle plate, and it will not produce the stain phenomenon caused by the difference in edge thickness.
3. Cleaning and disassembly is easier.
4. Helps to maintain a clean, high level, the channel through which the glue flows as a whole can be sealed to prevent the entry of other contaminants.
1. The partial structure of the entire Slot-die coating head is complicated, and the processing precision of the rubber roller, the coating roller, the traction roller and the scraper is required to be high, so the cost is higher than other coating methods.
2. Due to the high precision, it is difficult to use and operate.


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