Sublimation Transfer Paper

Sublimation Transfer Paper

1.Main engine & pump full-automatic tracking system and constant tension control system, no matter ensure the coating stability, improve the material compound roughness.

2.Double position for taking up roller and full automatic not reduce changing roller, greatly improve the equipment operation and produce efficiency.

Sublimation Transfer Paper

BOPA film ---

BOPA is the abbreviation of Biaxially oriented polyamide (nylon) film. Biaxially stretched nylon film (BOPA) is an important material for the production of various composite packaging materials. It is now the third largest after BOPP and BOPET films. Packaging material. Also known as: NY.
Characteristics and main uses of BOPA film
Compared with other films, BOPA film has higher strength than PE and BOPP film. It has lower cost and environmental advantages than EVOH and PVDC film. It is an ideal material for food preservation and fragrance. It is especially suitable for freezing. It is cooked and vacuum packed, and it is non-toxic and harmless. Specifically in the following aspects:
 (1) Good transparency and gloss, and low haze.
 (2) Excellent toughness and puncture resistance.
 (3) Excellent gas (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide), aroma and odor barrier.
 (4) Excellent oil resistance, grease resistance and chemical solvent resistance.
 (5) It is easy to process, can be coated, metallized, or compounded with other substrates.
 (6) Wide temperature range (-60 ° C - 150 ° C).
 (7) Strong heat resistance.

Sublimation Transfer Paper

Polyethylene (PE) film--

The PE film has a large gas permeability, and as the density increases, its gas permeability is lowered. The PE film has moisture resistance and low moisture permeability. Polyethylene film (PE) can produce low-density, medium-density, high-density polyethylene and cross-linked polyethylene with different properties depending on the manufacturing method and control method.

Low density polyethylene (LDPE):
- Its density is about 0.92g/cm2. Low-density polyethylene film has good transparency and heat-sealing property, can be waterproof and moisture-proof; low tensile strength, large tensile elongation, easy to wrinkle, film of 0.03mm or less, tension control should be small, and tension everywhere It should be constant, especially when heated, it is more deformable, making it difficult to color. Therefore, when drying, the film surface temperature should not be too high (within 550C). According to different film forming processes, it can be divided into blown film (IPE), cast film (CPE), low foaming film and so on. The tensile strength and opening property of IPE film are better than that of CPE film. It can be used as food bag and garment bag for front printing. CPE film has uniform thickness, surface gloss, transparency and heat sealability ratio, PE is good, and can be printed on the front and back. However, the production cost is high; the CPE film is mainly used as the inner layer of the composite bag and the packaging of cosmetics, pickles and cakes; the low foaming film has good decorativeness, thick texture, and is not easy to be stretched and deformed, and is printed on the front side for use as a new year painting and trademark. And hand bags and so on.


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