Copy Paper Coating Making Machine Ncr Paper Coating Line

Copy Paper Coating Making Machine Ncr Paper Coating Line

1.Main engine & pump full-automatic tracking system and constant tension control system, no matter ensure the coating stability, improve the material compound roughness.

2.Double position for taking up roller and full automatic not reduce changing roller, greatly improve the equipment operation and produce efficiency.

Copy Paper Coating Making Machine Ncr Paper Coating Line

Coating operation process --


? Pre-adjust the gap gap
1. Adjust the gap between the back roller and the coating roller. The gap is generally the thickness of the two layers of aluminum foil and copper foil (note: the adjustment of the roll gap on both sides is basically the same). The actual adjustment of the roll gap can be adjusted to adjust the specific parameters in the pushing device. The program is automatically saved once, and no adjustment is needed next time.

Copy Paper Coating Making Machine Ncr Paper Coating Line

The scope and main features of the multi-functional coater---

[Scope of application] Electrical tape coating; PE protective film coating; self-adhesive coating; hot melt adhesive coating; multi-functional coating; OPP sealing tape coating; water-based adhesive coating; silicone coating; Functional composite; glazing film coating; tape; shoe coating; transfer film coating; tape coating; coating compounding; special coating; custom coating; production of double-sided adhesive tape, masking tape, instant Sticking, BOPP tape, foam tape, silicone release paper, medical sanitary tape, cloth tape, self-adhesive and other coating and composite products. Multi-purpose coating machine for advertising consumables is suitable for advertising inkjet consumables, digital photo paper, and material coating.


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