Bopp Film Lamination Machine

Bopp Film Lamination Machine

1.Main engine & pump full-automatic tracking system and constant tension control system, no matter ensure the coating stability, improve the material compound roughness.

2.Double position for taking up roller and full automatic not reduce changing roller, greatly improve the equipment operation and produce efficiency.

Bopp Film Lamination Machine

The scope and main features of the multi-functional coater---


The company has a group of outstanding professionals in mechanical, electrical, automation control, management, etc., and has a wealth of coils: production, manufacturing, research and development and other related experience. It has unique features for high-precision coating machines, lithium battery separator coating machines, laminating machines, embossing machines, laminating machines, etc., which can solve the problems encountered by users in the production process. Improve product quality, efficiency, reliability and competitiveness. The multi-functional coating machine produced by Changzhou Hengzinc Machinery Co., Ltd. has the following characteristics:

main feature:  
1. Professional design and manufacture according to the user's production process and substrate characteristics;
2. Special high-efficiency drying oven to improve drying efficiency and reduce energy consumption;
3. Temperature and tension segmentation control to meet different process requirements;
4. PLC programmable control of the whole machine, realize precise synchronous control and multi-point control, easy operation and maintenance.
5. The roller printing of the double-sided ink coating machine is several times faster than the traditional screen printing, and the two sides are printed at one time. It is printed after dusting first, and the thickness of the ink is adjustable instead of manual printing; saving time and labor. High efficiency also saves electricity, and the efficiency of the oven is doubled.

Bopp Film Lamination Machine

Note on the use of the coater:

1. Coating machine equipment operating procedures
In order to ensure safe production and maintain the normal operation of the coater, this operation procedure is specially formulated:
1.1 Preparation before starting up
1) Check each electrical switch for any abnormalities such as falling off or damage.
2) Wear the traction belt at the normal temperature stop condition according to the requirements of the process piece.
3) Start the exhaust unit.
4) Confirm that there is no open flame (such as electric furnace) in the coating machine room.
5) The coater control cabinet and the drying cabinet housing must be reliably grounded.
1.2 boot program
1) Close the main power switch and the power switch on the control cabinet.
2) Set the initial value (usually 180 to 280) and the division ratio (usually 20 to 50) on the tension controller.
3) Set the coating working mode and related parameters (coating speed, length, gap length, roller speed ratio, etc.), and then turn on the compressed air (adjust the pneumatic control box pressure regulating valve to make the pneumatic pressure 0.2 to 0.3Mpa) Between)
4) Start the drying fan and the drying temperature controller.
5) Turn on the automatic deskew and tension controller power.
6) The temperature of each section of the equipment has reached the required temperature of the process;
7) Feed the coating device hopper while starting the coater for coating.


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