Outdorr Pipeline Solar Energy Aluminum Coating Tape Machine

Outdorr Pipeline Solar Energy Aluminum Coating Tape Machine

It's be mainly used for bopp film gelatinizing producing,The tape is mainly used to seal the box, seal the cover and bind the articles, and can also be used as office supplies.

Outdorr Pipeline Solar Energy Aluminum Coating Tape Machine

4. When the coating machine is running, the pole piece is broken.
1. The belt is not right, and the additional pulling force is increased to make the foil strip break in the weak place. 2. Sampling causes damage, resulting in a significant decrease in the tensile strength of the foil strip. 3. The tension is too large, unstable, and there is a sudden change. 4. The air volume is abrupt and the distribution is severely uneven.
5. The temperature is abrupt, which has a great influence on the strength of the aluminum foil. 6. The quality of the foil strip is poor and the edge is notched.
7. The foil strip is seriously deviated and is cut off by the edge of the roll end. V. Other failure phenomena:
1. There are obvious embossing marks and scratches on the pole piece, which are longitudinally distributed: 1) The blade of the scraper roller has a gap or sticks with foreign matter.
2) The coating roller is not easy to use. If the gap material on the coating roller is not scraped off and applied to the substrate again during the coating gap, it will leave obvious marks on the substrate;
3) The axis of the scraper device is out of line with the axis of the coating roller, causing the blade to be inconsistent with the pressure of the coating roller, the shape of the blade is not suitable, the blade elasticity is low, etc.
2. There are obvious cracks on the pole piece: the drying speed is too fast, the oven temperature is too high, and the baking time is too long.

Outdorr Pipeline Solar Energy Aluminum Coating Tape Machine

PET film--


(3) PET reflective film
PET reflective film is characterized by excellent optical properties, smooth surface, smooth surface, good thermal stability, low shrinkage and light aging resistance.
Reflective materials used in transportation facilities include lens-type retroreflective film and flat-top reflective film. They are all made of aluminized PET film as a reflective layer. After applying pressure sensitive adhesive, some glasses with a refractive index of 1.9 are used. The beads are adhered to the PET aluminized film, and then a layer of butyral surface protective layer is sprayed.
PET reflective film is applied to billboards with reflective requirements, traffic reflective signs (reflective road signs, reflective barriers, reflective number plates), reflective police uniforms, industrial safety signs, etc.

(4) Chemical coating film
Polyester film In order to improve the surface properties of the PET film, in order to improve the adaptability of printing and the bonding force of the vacuum aluminum plating layer, a corona treatment method is generally used to increase the surface tension of the film. However, the corona method has problems such as aging, and particularly in a high-temperature, high-humidity environment, the film tension after corona treatment is easily attenuated. However, the chemical coating method does not have such a problem, so it is favored by the printing industry and the aluminum plating industry. Jiangsu Zhongda has developed a series of PET chemical coating products: coating with water-soluble polymer can improve the surface tension of PET film; coating with acrylate emulsion can improve printing adaptability (water-soluble ink can be used) The coating with polyurethane aqueous solution can strengthen the bonding force between the aluminum plating layer and the PET base film, and can increase the thickness of the aluminum plating layer.
In addition, a high-resistance film, an antistatic film, and the like can be obtained by a coating method.


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