Bopp Jumbo Rolle Caoting Machine

Bopp Jumbo Rolle Caoting Machine

It is suitable for manufacturing hot stamping film, laser film, gold and silver paperboard which need coating and laminating. 

Bopp Jumbo Rolle Caoting Machine

BOPP film tape introduction --

Tape development history--

four. Development of technology and efficiency products

However, in the face of the future, although it is impossible to comprehensively predict the development status of the tape industry or variety, the preconditions and planning blueprints are tightly bundled in the standard application specification of the processing application and adhesive arrangement combined with the medium. For example, new technology products automotive insulation paper (wear, light, sun, heat insulation), PVB color glass tape (color decoration, heat insulation, noise, earthquake blasting), environmentally friendly waterproof coating film (Computer drawing water ink compatible, waterproof and wearable), highway refraction film glass microbead composite tape (eye-catching refraction, temperature resistance, cold resistance, freeze resistance, acid resistance, anti-aging), digital camera waterproof high gloss photo paper (computer drawing water The development, processing and manufacturing of products such as ink compatibility, waterproof and abrasion resistance, high resolution, high reductiveness and long shelf life are all applications of media surface treatment technology. On the other hand, such as; aerospace equipment without media double-sided tape (high temperature resistant film), medical conductive tape (heart pulse electric shock and medical detector fixed), printed circuit board composite tape (high temperature, impact resistance), car Interior decorative panel (high temperature resistance, buffer safety, aesthetics), road marking tape (eye-catching, temperature-resistant, cold-resistant, freeze-resistant, acid-resistant, anti-aging), correction tape (shading, writing, ink absorption) (Sex), anti-counterfeiting and brittle tape (easy brittle, anti-counterfeiting, printing, shielding) and other products are subject to the technical transformation of the adhesive. However, if the basic structure of the two types of products is carefully summarized, the technical results formed on the basis of the adhesive application are only the technical process differences between the application process and the treatment, and the main surface function of the medium surface treatment or the adhesive is distinguished. In fact, most of the technical applications of various types of tape products are based on the application and function of adhesives.

Bopp Jumbo Rolle Caoting Machine

Characteristics of several coating methods -

Glue coating
This size coating is typically applied by two roll transfer. By adjusting the gap between the upper rubber roller and the coating roller, the amount of coating can be adjusted. The structure of the entire coating head portion is relatively complicated, and the processing precision and assembly precision of the rubber roller, the coating roller, the traction roller and the scraper are required, and the cost is relatively high. Since the coating machine mainly uses a high-precision optical roller for sizing coating, the coating effect is good, and the coating amount is adjusted by the gap between the sizing roller and the coating roller, and can also be coated. The micro-motion adjustment of the scraper is flexibly controlled, and the coating precision is high. It is currently the most widely used on coated composite equipment.

Anilox coating
This coating apparatus mainly uses a textured (concave-eye) coating roll for sizing coating. The coating is uniform and the coating amount is relatively accurate (but the coating amount is difficult to adjust). When coated with an anilox roll, the amount of coating is mainly related to the depth of the concave surface of the anilox roll and the accuracy of the type of glue. The deeper the depth of the concave surface of the anilox roll, the greater the amount of glue transferred from the concave eye to the substrate; conversely, the shallower the depth of the concave surface of the anilox roll, the amount of transfer to the substrate is correspondingly reduced. It also has a lot to do with viscosity. Too much viscosity and too small a glue is not conducive to the normal transfer of glue. Glue viscosity is easy to transfer, too thin is easy to flow, so that the glue is not uniform, easy to produce vertical or horizontal flow pattern. Therefore, once the type of the coated anilox roll and the glue are fixed, it is difficult to adjust the coating amount, which is also the main reason for the limitation of the application of the textured coating roller.


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