Vacuum Coating Machine

Vacuum Coating Machine

It is suitable for manufacturing hot stamping film, laser film, gold and silver paperboard which need coating and laminating. 

Vacuum Coating Machine

BOPA film ---

BOPA is the abbreviation of Biaxially oriented polyamide (nylon) film. Biaxially stretched nylon film (BOPA) is an important material for the production of various composite packaging materials. It is now the third largest after BOPP and BOPET films. Packaging material. Also known as: NY.
Characteristics and main uses of BOPA film
Compared with other films, BOPA film has higher strength than PE and BOPP film. It has lower cost and environmental advantages than EVOH and PVDC film. It is an ideal material for food preservation and fragrance. It is especially suitable for freezing. It is cooked and vacuum packed, and it is non-toxic and harmless. Specifically in the following aspects:
 (1) Good transparency and gloss, and low haze.
 (2) Excellent toughness and puncture resistance.
 (3) Excellent gas (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide), aroma and odor barrier.
 (4) Excellent oil resistance, grease resistance and chemical solvent resistance.
 (5) It is easy to process, can be coated, metallized, or compounded with other substrates.
 (6) Wide temperature range (-60 ° C - 150 ° C).
 (7) Strong heat resistance.

Vacuum Coating Machine

Note on the use of the coater:


2.4. Coating job related product quality issues:

4) How to judge the bonding performance of the pole piece?
The material can not be removed, and taped to see how much residue, the positive electrode is greater than 1/3, and the negative electrode is greater than 1/2. It can be considered that the bonding is good.
5) How can I handle the correct handling of particles? Plug it with a stopper, if the pellets should be washed, wash the knife
6) What is the relationship between the quality of the knife and the quality of the coated pole piece?
Ensure uniform film density (interpolate the effect of film density on battery performance, capacity)
7) What is the importance of the gap adjustment between the back roller and the coating roller? Too big to carry the material, too small and easy to wear.
8) The importance of mixing.
Prevent slurry stratification and improve slurry consistency


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