Water Glue Bopp Film Coating Machine Manufacturer

Water Glue Bopp Film Coating Machine Manufacturer

1. It is provided with anilox roller plus blade for coating mode, and also provided with many selection opportunities of anilox roller with various coating amount. 

2. It is provided with separate five-section type constant temperature drying system using infrared stainless steel heating tube plus beating wind, as wellas adjustable interior circulation air draining and suction devices. It is advantageous in strong wind-exit and wind entrance, helping drying thoroughly. 

Water Glue Bopp Film Coating Machine Manufacturer

Coating Machine - How to choose a coater

Fifth, after-sales service, after-sales service can do 7*24 hours customer service + technical service, timely service in place, users will be assured. From the above points, we briefly analyzed some basic conditions that the coating machine supplier needs to understand. With the development of the market, and the coating machine supplier which is good, the coating machine supplier is good, and it also involves the technical threshold of the coating machine manufacturer. There are only a handful of merchants who have the strength to provide coating machines. Some coating machines are supplied to the merchants. These are all based on the comprehensive situation of the packaging and molding machinery manufacturing enterprises of their respective specifications and models, such as the size of the enterprise, the registered capital, the activity level, the information perfection degree, etc. List. The coating machine is so good that you must know how to choose a supplier according to the needs of your own construction.

Water Glue Bopp Film Coating Machine Manufacturer

BOPP film tape introduction --

Second, the scope of use: (electronics, decoration, automotive, industrial packaging, clothing, circuit boards, electrical insulation, general industrial shielding) Some of the tapes are as follows:
1, masking tape
Features: Excellent viscosity, good temperature resistance, good tensile strength, good retention, no residue, can be baked multiple times in high temperature environment
Use: Widely used in electronic components such as: ceramic capacitors, polyester capacitors, metal capacitors, thermistors, etc. in the manufacturing process of the braid.
2, cold pressure tape
Features: Minimal initial adhesion, excellent adhesion to tape adhesive, good paper quality, no curling, good masking effect, and no damage to the core surface film.
Use: For metallized capacitor gold shield.
3, hot melt tape
Characteristics: It has small initial tack and instantly exhibits excellent adhesion under heating. It is used in combination with paper tape carrier, good fixing force, strong endurance, good weather resistance and good solvent resistance. Use: Widely used in the finished product of electronic components.
4, tear tape
Features: The tearing tape has low initial adhesion. When used, the two rubber faces are firm and sticky, the tape is easy to pull off, the tensile strength is very good, there is no breakage, and the tear tape of up to 6000M greatly improves your productivity. Use: For the forward braiding of the resistor.
5, tape tape
Features: Good adhesiveness, good tensile strength, good retention, even winding and long length, which can save the loading frequency and improve production efficiency.
Use: Tape used with paper tape for secondary tapes of resistors and automatic inserts.
6, braided tape
Features: The paper tape has strong tensile strength, good stiffness and even winding, and is used together with the tape. And there are many colors to choose from.
Use: Tape for use with tape, for secondary tapes for resistors and automatic inserts. SY674 and hot melt tape are used together for the finished product of electronic components.
7, double-sided tape
Features: Excellent adhesion and anti-aging.
Use: Used for surface bonding of various substrates, die, computer embroidery, nameplate and so on. Also: Micron tape, special temperature resistant tape, wafer packaging tape, masking tape, layered water-free kraft paper tape, wet water kraft paper tape, water-free kraft paper tape, cloth tape, PE tape, polyester tape, PVC tape, aluminum Thin tape, zebra tape, fiber tape, etc.



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