Epoxy Coating Machine

Epoxy Coating Machine

1. Moveable blade device. 
2. Guiding roller in oven will synchronously rotates with main shaft. 
3. Solenoid operated valve controlling is adopted for Anilx roller and drawing roller. 
4. Automatic meter-measuring devices. 
5. Key mode air shaft is used for unwinding and rewinding shafts, easy to load and unload. 

Epoxy Coating Machine

Characteristics of several coating methods -

Air knife coating:
1. Because it is a profile coating, it can provide better shielding performance than any known coating machine.
2. There is no mechanical contact in the metering method, and it will not cause scraping marks.
1. The solid content of the air knife coating coating formulation can not be made too high up to 48%, too high solid content will lead to too high viscosity of the coating will make the coating amount difficult to control.
2. Low solids content of the coating will cost a lot of drying costs
3. The low solid content of the coating results in poor water retention, and the coating shrinks severely during the drying stage, ultimately affecting the roughness of the coating.
4. Significant loss of paint, high water consumption, and high environmental pressure.

Metering bar coating:
1. Low requirements for base paper, can adapt to rougher base paper
2. Can adapt to high solid content coating
3. Better shielding
1. The adjustable amount of coating is worse than the scraper, and the typical value is 7-11 grams.
2. If you use a grooved stick, you will leave a lot of sticks.
3. When the required coating amount is relatively low, the metering rod is easily worn.

Epoxy Coating Machine

Common micro gravure precision coating method --

Micro gravure coating:
     The coating roller is an anilox roller, and the diameter is generally between Φ20mm-Φ50mm, so it is called micro gravure coating, which is a direction, contact coating method, that is, the rotation direction of the micro coating roller and the film film. The feed direction is reversed and the film is not pressed onto the coating roll by the press rolls. Conventional gravure coating methods, whether direct coating or reverse coating, generally have a back pressure rubber roller and an anilox roller having substantially the same diameter as the rubber. Since the film is pressed between the rubber roller and the anilox roller, there is a possibility that defects such as wrinkles and cracks appear on the coated surface, and the pressure contact points of the two rolls affect the coating quality due to factors such as mechanical and pneumatic pressure.
     While micro gravure coating is a contact coating, contact coating means that there is no back pressure rubber roller, and therefore some potential disadvantages due to back pressure roller pressurization are eliminated.


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