Automatic Pvc Coating Making Machine

Automatic Pvc Coating Making Machine

1. Moveable blade device. 
2. Guiding roller in oven will synchronously rotates with main shaft. 
3. Solenoid operated valve controlling is adopted for Anilx roller and drawing roller. 
4. Automatic meter-measuring devices. 
5. Key mode air shaft is used for unwinding and rewinding shafts, easy to load and unload. 

Automatic Pvc Coating Making Machine

Characteristics of several coating methods -


Hot melt adhesive coating
The coating device mainly heats and melts the solid type glue, and directly sprays the glue on the substrate through the coating die by hydraulic loading. Hot melt adhesive coating is a new technology developed in the past ten years. Hot melt adhesive coating does not require drying equipment and has low energy consumption. Hot melt adhesive is 100% solid rubber component and does not contain toxic organic solvents. Ordinary sizing coatings use toxic organic solvents (such as benzene) to dilute the glue, and the toxic gases caused by them are extremely harmful to the operator.
Hot melt adhesive coating has its unique advantages over conventional size coating. Hot melt adhesive coating is a green and environmentally friendly coating technology. It has high production speed, high efficiency, low cost, small equipment footprint and short investment recovery period. It is an economical investment project and has been widely used in packaging. , medicine, automotive, clothing, electronics and other industries. Hot melt adhesive coating has great market development prospects, and the development ratio of this technology in the market will become larger and larger, and new application fields will continue to emerge.

Squeegee method and application
In the coating process, the glue is often uneven, which requires a certain scraping mechanism to evenly scrape the glue. The scraping mechanism mainly includes a stainless steel scraper, a comma scraper, a scraping bar, a wire scraper, an air jet scraper, and the like.

Automatic Pvc Coating Making Machine

Comma roll coating application case:
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Various optical films, protective films, film films, matte flexible packaging films.

Slot-Die Coating:
     The Slot Die coater is a high-precision coating method in which the coating glue is pressed from the reservoir to the nozzle through the supply line, and the glue is ejected from the nozzle to be transferred to the coated substrate.
1. The coating effect is good, and the coating amount is flexibly controlled by the micro-motion adjustment of the coating blade, and the coating precision is high.
2. It can coat the discontinuous mode, and the coating range can be adjusted freely. It does not need to use the baffle plate, and it will not produce the stain phenomenon caused by the difference in edge thickness.
3. Cleaning and disassembly is easier.
4. Helps to maintain a clean, high level, the channel through which the glue flows as a whole can be sealed to prevent the entry of other contaminants.
1. The partial structure of the entire Slot-die coating head is complicated, and the processing precision of the rubber roller, the coating roller, the traction roller and the scraper is required to be high, so the cost is higher than other coating methods.
2. Due to the high precision, it is difficult to use and operate.


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