Carton Sealing Transparent Tape Coating

Carton Sealing Transparent Tape Coating

Suiable for common PET/double-side tape/bopp tape/foam tape/paper sereis/pe protective film.

1.     Automatic tension control.
2.     Gravure coating or semiflexo coating.
3.    Drying tunnel with sectional temperature control and recirculation adjustment.
4.    Steel idle rollers inside the drying hood driven by independent motor.
5.     Inner stainless steel frame covers of the coating section.
6.     preading roller driven by independent motor,positioning pneumatically.


Carton Sealing Transparent Tape Coating

BOPA film ---

BOPA is the abbreviation of Biaxially oriented polyamide (nylon) film. Biaxially stretched nylon film (BOPA) is an important material for the production of various composite packaging materials. It is now the third largest after BOPP and BOPET films. Packaging material. Also known as: NY.
Characteristics and main uses of BOPA film
Compared with other films, BOPA film has higher strength than PE and BOPP film. It has lower cost and environmental advantages than EVOH and PVDC film. It is an ideal material for food preservation and fragrance. It is especially suitable for freezing. It is cooked and vacuum packed, and it is non-toxic and harmless. Specifically in the following aspects:
 (1) Good transparency and gloss, and low haze.
 (2) Excellent toughness and puncture resistance.
 (3) Excellent gas (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide), aroma and odor barrier.
 (4) Excellent oil resistance, grease resistance and chemical solvent resistance.
 (5) It is easy to process, can be coated, metallized, or compounded with other substrates.
 (6) Wide temperature range (-60 ° C - 150 ° C).
 (7) Strong heat resistance.

Carton Sealing Transparent Tape Coating

Note on the use of the coater:

2.2 Method of operation:
1) Start up and clean the equipment according to the equipment operation regulations.
2) Under the manual correction, wear the belt according to the requirements of the belt, and restore the automatic correction after wearing. 3) Set the coating temperature, coating speed, speed ratio, and blade gap according to the following table.
4) Start each section of the drying tunnel fan and heating equipment, and the coating can be applied until the temperature of the drying tunnel reaches the process.
5) Pre-adjust the blade gap according to the film density requirements and experience, and fine-tune with the feeler gauge to adjust the blade after adjustment.
6) Set parameters such as coating length, interval, fiber positioning and fiber inspection according to the requirements of the process drawings and the type of ingredients.
7) Install the chute and baffle, and set the “forbidden coating” parameter to the effective state, and turn on the “stirring” kinetic energy.
8) When coating, first press “coating roller”, then press “coating”, and finally cancel “forbidden coating”;
9) After the first side is applied, the parameters should be adjusted according to the process requirements. After the temperature is stable, the second side can be driven by the vehicle.
10) During coating, the film length, empty foil length, and sheet weight of the first side and the second side should be measured at any time and recorded.
11) When the coating is stopped, first press “Forbidden Coating”, then cancel “Coating”, and finally cancel “Coating Roller”. 12) Short-term parking should keep “stirring” on, “painting roller” on and set its line speed to 500m/min.
13) The coated pole piece should be placed on a special iron frame and marked with the mark, and transferred to the next process.
14) Shut down according to the requirements of the equipment operation rules, clean the coating roller, scraper and utensils with alcohol, and do 5S work.



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