Hot Sale High Speed Energy Saving Bopp Caoting Machine

Hot Sale High Speed Energy Saving Bopp Caoting Machine

Suiable for common PET/double-side tape/bopp tape/foam tape/paper sereis/pe protective film.

1.     Automatic tension control.
2.     Gravure coating or semiflexo coating.
3.    Drying tunnel with sectional temperature control and recirculation adjustment.
4.    Steel idle rollers inside the drying hood driven by independent motor.
5.     Inner stainless steel frame covers of the coating section.
6.     preading roller driven by independent motor,positioning pneumatically.


Hot Sale High Speed Energy Saving Bopp Caoting Machine

BOPA film ---


Nylon film is a kind of paper that is very easy to absorb moisture. It will have adverse effects on the use after moisture absorption. For example, the dimensional change causes the overprinting to be inaccurate during printing, and the water film on the surface causes insufficient composite strength, foaming, etc. The nylon film should be protected from moisture in a high humidity environment. Specifically, pay attention to the following aspects:
(1) Do not open the package too early before use.
(2) Run out as much as possible, and leave the remaining film with a good barrier material.
(3) The first color group is not printed on the plate during printing, and pre-drying is performed.
(4) Put in a curing chamber for 2-3 hours before use.
(5) Ensure a reasonable temperature (25 °C ± 2 °C) and humidity (≤ 85% RH) in the production workshop. Biaxially stretched nylon film (BOPA film) is a new type of high-grade packaging material. Compared with traditional polyvinyl chloride film and polyester film, it has excellent resistance to cracking, impact, puncture and odor barrier. It is widely used as packaging materials in the fields of food processing, medical and health, chemical products, etc. It is especially suitable for frozen packaging, vacuum packaging and retort packaging. The preservation and fragrance of foods are far greater than conventional packaging materials.

Hot Sale High Speed Energy Saving Bopp Caoting Machine

Aluminized film (VMPET, VMCPP)--


(1) The amount of aluminum used is greatly reduced, energy and materials are saved, and the cost is reduced. The thickness of the composite aluminum foil is 7 to gpm, and the thickness of the aluminum layer of the aluminized film is about 0.05 n, and the aluminum consumption is about Aluminum foil is 1/140 to 1/180, and the production speed can be as high as 450m/min.
(2) It has excellent folding resistance and good toughness, pinholes and cracks are rare, and there is no cracking and cracking, so the barrier property against gas, water vapor, odor, light, etc. is improved.
(3) It has excellent metallic luster, and the light reflectance can reach 97%; and it can be processed by coating to form a color film, and its decorative effect is beyond the reach of aluminum foil.
(4) Partial aluminizing can be performed by shielding to obtain any pattern or transparent window, and the contents can be seen.
(5) The aluminum plating layer has good electrical conductivity and can eliminate the electrostatic effect; its sealing performance is good, especially when packaging the powdery product, it will not pollute the sealing part, and the sealing performance of the packaging is ensured. (6) It has good adaptability to post-processing such as printing and compounding.
Due to the above characteristics, the aluminized film has become a new type of composite film with excellent performance and economical appearance, and has replaced the aluminum foil composite material in many aspects. It is mainly used for vacuum packaging of flavor foods and agricultural products, as well as packaging of medicines, cosmetics and cigarettes. In addition, aluminized films are also widely used as bronzing materials and trademark label materials in printing.




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