Reflective Film Coating Machine

Reflective Film Coating Machine

Suiable for common PET/double-side tape/bopp tape/foam tape/paper sereis/pe protective film.

1.     Automatic tension control.
2.     Gravure coating or semiflexo coating.
3.    Drying tunnel with sectional temperature control and recirculation adjustment.
4.    Steel idle rollers inside the drying hood driven by independent motor.
5.     Inner stainless steel frame covers of the coating section.
6.     preading roller driven by independent motor,positioning pneumatically.


Reflective Film Coating Machine

Note on the use of the coater:

1.3 shutdown procedure
1) Confirm that the coated pole piece has been wound up and then stop.
2) Turn off the heater power of the equipment and stop the drying fan and other fans when the temperature of each section drops below 60 degrees Celsius;
3) Stop the compressed air.
4) Disconnect power from the correcting cabinet and control cabinet.
1.4 Notes
1) Operators must undergo pre-job training and pass the assessment before they can be employed, and should strictly abide by these operating procedures.
2) Except for the necessary maintenance personnel, it is strictly forbidden for non-personnel personnel to operate the equipment or change the setting parameters.
3) The roller speed ratio is recommended to be set within the range of 1.3 to 1.5.
4) It must be confirmed that the air heater has not been activated until the drying fan has been started.

Reflective Film Coating Machine

The scope and main features of the multi-functional coater---

[Scope of application] Electrical tape coating; PE protective film coating; self-adhesive coating; hot melt adhesive coating; multi-functional coating; OPP sealing tape coating; water-based adhesive coating; silicone coating; Functional composite; glazing film coating; tape; shoe coating; transfer film coating; tape coating; coating compounding; special coating; custom coating; production of double-sided adhesive tape, masking tape, instant Sticking, BOPP tape, foam tape, silicone release paper, medical sanitary tape, cloth tape, self-adhesive and other coating and composite products. Multi-purpose coating machine for advertising consumables is suitable for advertising inkjet consumables, digital photo paper, and material coating.


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