Adhesive Bandage Machine Tape

Adhesive Bandage Machine Tape

Suiable for common PET/double-side tape/bopp tape/foam tape/paper sereis/pe protective film.

1.     Automatic tension control.
2.     Gravure coating or semiflexo coating.
3.    Drying tunnel with sectional temperature control and recirculation adjustment.
4.    Steel idle rollers inside the drying hood driven by independent motor.
5.     Inner stainless steel frame covers of the coating section.
6.     preading roller driven by independent motor,positioning pneumatically.


Adhesive Bandage Machine Tape

Note on the use of the coater:


2.4. Coating job related product quality issues:
1) How to judge the quality of the coating?
The surface of the pole piece is flat, smooth, uniform in dressing, good in adhesion, dry, not to be stripped, not lost, lack of material, no dust, particles, no scratches, no bubble, the pole piece is a good pole piece, defective The bad pole piece.
2) What are the factors related to the uneven density of the film? How to adjust?
Irregularity and unevenness: the slurry is not uniform, the local solid-liquid ratio is large, the membrane is dense, and the solid-liquid ratio is small, the membrane density is small, and the stirring is enhanced. Vertical and horizontal unevenness: uneven seam, adjustable skew or coating roller, scraper has been deformed, should be adjusted or replaced. Horizontal and vertical unevenness: The speed of the coating roller or the back roller motor fluctuates and should be repaired.
3) How do you judge whether the pole piece has been dried and the temperature is too high? Non-stick rolls, no curling, sticky rolls are too cold, and curling is too hot.

Adhesive Bandage Machine Tape

Coating operation process --


? Pre-adjust the gap gap

2. Adjust the gap between the coating roller and the knife roller. The general gap is between 300 and 400 microns. The specific adjustment is to adjust the clearance by turning the screw (the rotating screw is to rotate both sides at the same time)
? Apply PET film and set the coating width (Note: PET film must be firmly bonded with transparent tape, the coating width is based on the outlet of the slurry)
? Fix the waste pallet, the retaining plate, and carry out the trial coating (single-sided first inspection: whether the coating is dried, whether the coating width is correct, the width of the tabs on both sides, and the areal density)
? Formal coating (provided that all parameters and dimensions are correct), inspection ? Double-sided first inspection (including symmetry, double-sided density, etc.)
? When applying the other side, the strap must be firm (with aluminum foil tape), stop coating, stop heating, remove the coated aluminum copper foil, put it into the oven and heat it in vacuum.
? Turn off the machine, turn off the power, air supply, and clean the equipment.
? Put used tools in place and clean them off work.


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