Candy Coating Machine

Candy Coating Machine

1.  150m/min high speed has already reached the international most advanced level.

2.   Rewind and unwind both adopt double position and equip with semi-automatic to connect paper device, The machine can change the rolls of base material nonstop, It will reduce the waste.

3.   When the double sides adhesive tape coat twice, it will effect the quality of products, but the technology of double sides coating meanwhile will solve the questions.

Candy Coating Machine

Coating Machine - Materials and tools used in the coating process (excluding positive and negative slurry):
1 copper foil
Thick 0.009 mm
2 aluminum foil thickness 0.018mm
3 high temperature resistant aluminum foil tape 50mm wide
4 double-sided tape width 50mm
5 Industrial alcohol
6 feeler gauge 0.01-1mm

Tool instrument
7 micrometer 0.001mm
8 balance scale 0.001g
9 steel ruler 0-50cm
10 artist blades
11 silicone sheet 10X10cm

Candy Coating Machine

BOPP film tape introduction --

Tape development history--

Three. White-hot tape industry

Discussing the construction, decoration or home decoration industries, PVC electrical insulation tape is absolutely a must-have tape product in the industry. Wrinkle paper tape and cloth-based tape are commonly used as masking or fixing materials for painting and painting construction, while PVC wood grain leather And the Boeing board series tape is the most beautiful material for decorating fabrics (including cabinets, furniture, door panels, lifting), double-sided foam tape is created without nailing, no drilling and sticking for fixed use, fixed from the door frame construction, bathroom equipment The kitchen utensils are hooked and fixed to the bedroom. In the highly developed field of the vehicle industry (including automobiles, locomotives, bicycles), special electrical insulating tape, PE protective film tape, car sticker PVC tape, body paint spray crepe paper masking tape, anti-rust treatment layer PET silicone rubber adhesive tape, Electronic bridge low foam PE double-sided tape, acrylic foam double-sided tape, and high temperature polyurethane double-sided adhesive film tape and other products for the industry's quality and efficiency.


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