Label Sticker Coating Machine

Label Sticker Coating Machine

1.  150m/min high speed has already reached the international most advanced level.

2.   Rewind and unwind both adopt double position and equip with semi-automatic to connect paper device, The machine can change the rolls of base material nonstop, It will reduce the waste.

3.   When the double sides adhesive tape coat twice, it will effect the quality of products, but the technology of double sides coating meanwhile will solve the questions.

Label Sticker Coating Machine

Characteristics of several coating methods -

Coating technology
Coating technology is widely used in the coating and composite packaging of substrates such as paper and film. At present, many domestic printing and packaging machinery enterprises use coating composite equipment, and their coating types and scraping methods are relatively simple, and the application of coating technology is also greatly limited. Regardless of the coating composite equipment, the key part is the coating head, and the coating method of the coating head directly affects the quality and effect of the coating.

Glue coating type and application
Coating compound equipment is mainly used for sizing coating and composite processing of various reel substrates such as plastic film, paper, electrochemical aluminum, cloth and leather. It is widely used in various packaging fields and has broad development prospects. The coating composite equipment is roughly coated with a splitting roller, an anilox coating, and a hot melt adhesive.

Label Sticker Coating Machine

Micro gravure coating application case:
- 1 - 
Light-shielding film, various optical films, materials for lithium batteries, various composite tapes, film films, and protective films. Comma roll coating:
     The comma roll coating is characterized by a combination of a blade scraper and a roller scraper. The effect of the thickness of the glue is smaller than that of the blade, the thickness of the coating is easily adjusted, and the high viscosity glue can be applied. When the width is large, it can be adjusted horizontally.
1. The strength and hardness of the comma scraper are high, and the straightness error of the cutting edge is small. The pneumatic fine adjustment mechanism can be used to adjust and control the position of the scraper, and the coating amount control and scraping precision are high.
2. It can coat thicker coating. When coating, the glue flows from top to bottom between the blade mouth and the film. Therefore, the glue can be fully used, and there is basically no waste of glue.
1. The coating quality of the comma roller coating has a great relationship with the operation of each component unit, especially the transmission ratio between the driving motor and the rotating pressing roller is difficult to adjust, which often causes uneven coating and is prone to lateral or Longitudinal irregular stripes. When coating, the glue easily flows out in the gap between the baffle and the drive press roller, and the sealing property is not complete. When coating, it is necessary to manually stir the glue of the glue storage tank. To guarantee
Even distribution of the glue.


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