Coating Machine Parts For Coating Machine

Coating Machine Parts For Coating Machine

1.  150m/min high speed has already reached the international most advanced level.

2.   Rewind and unwind both adopt double position and equip with semi-automatic to connect paper device, The machine can change the rolls of base material nonstop, It will reduce the waste.

3.   When the double sides adhesive tape coat twice, it will effect the quality of products, but the technology of double sides coating meanwhile will solve the questions.

Coating Machine Parts For Coating Machine

Coating machine knowledge handout ---
     Lithium-ion power batteries are new high-energy batteries that have been successfully developed in the 20th century. In the 1970s, it became practical. Because of its high energy, high battery voltage, wide operating temperature range and long storage life, it has been widely used in military and civilian small appliances, such as mobile phones, portable computers, video cameras, cameras, etc., and partially replaces traditional batteries. Large-capacity lithium-ion batteries have been tested in electric vehicles and will become one of the main power sources for electric vehicles in the 21st century, and will be used in satellite, aerospace and energy storage.

With the development of microelectronics technology in the twentieth century, the number of miniaturized devices is increasing, and high requirements are placed on power supplies. Lithium-ion power batteries have entered the practical stage of large-scale production. However, the coater is very close in the cell process of the lithium ion power battery.

    The process of the coating machine: the pole piece substrate placed on the unwinding device is pulled out by the roller, and after automatically correcting, enters the floating roller tension system, adjusts the unwinding tension and enters the coating head, and the pole piece slurry is coated. The system's setup program is applied. The coated wet film enters the oven and is dried by hot air. The dried pole piece is tensioned by the tension system, and the winding speed is controlled to synchronize with the coating speed. The pole piece is automatically corrected by the correcting system to keep the substrate in the The center position is neatly wound by the winding device.

Coating Machine Parts For Coating Machine

BOPP film data --

Advantages of BOPP film:
BOPP film is a very important flexible packaging material. BOPP film is colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and has high tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, toughness and good transparency.
BOPP film has low surface energy and needs corona treatment before coating or printing. After corona treatment, the BOPP film has good printing adaptability, can be printed in color, and has a beautiful appearance effect, and thus is often used as a surface layer material of the composite film.
Insufficient BOPP film:
BOPP films are also insufficient, such as easy accumulation of static electricity, no heat sealability, and the like. In high-speed production lines, BOPP film is prone to static electricity, and an electrostatic remover is required. In order to obtain a heat-sealable BOPP film, a heat-sealable resin glue such as PVDC latex, EVA latex, etc. may be applied after corona treatment on the surface of the BOPP film, or a solvent glue may be applied, or extrusion coating or The co-extruded composite method produces a heat sealable BOPP film. The film is widely used in the packaging of bread, clothes, shoes and socks, as well as the cover of cigarettes and books. The initial tear strength of the BOPP film is improved after stretching, but the secondary tear strength is very low. Therefore, no cuts can be left on both end faces of the BOPP film, otherwise the BOPP film is easily torn during printing and compounding. BOPP can produce sealing tape after coating self-adhesive, which is a market with a large amount of BOPP.


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