Glue Coating

Glue Coating

1. High precision alloy steel die head make sure the customer can get the best coating effection.

2. Total Machine is controlled by  PLC.Precision control coating speed and glue amount.

3. Increase the film function in some glue or substrate is not suitable for direct knife coating that realize 2 kinds of craftwork (knife coating and film coating.) on one machine.

Glue Coating

Coating Machine - Materials and tools used in the coating process (excluding positive and negative slurry):
1 copper foil
Thick 0.009 mm
2 aluminum foil thickness 0.018mm
3 high temperature resistant aluminum foil tape 50mm wide
4 double-sided tape width 50mm
5 Industrial alcohol
6 feeler gauge 0.01-1mm

Tool instrument
7 micrometer 0.001mm
8 balance scale 0.001g
9 steel ruler 0-50cm
10 artist blades
11 silicone sheet 10X10cm

Glue Coating

BOPP film tape introduction --

Tape development history--

Three. White-hot tape industry

At first, all kinds of multi-functional, multi-purpose special tapes and high-temperature resistant tapes were basically developed in Europe and the United States or Japanese tape manufacturers such as 3M, Tesa, Johnson & Johnson, Nitton, Teraoka (due to the numerous manufacturers, only for an overview) And supply a variety of industries to meet the market demand for tape products. Around 1970; since the development and production of tape products by various manufacturers in Taiwan, the technical level has developed rapidly, and the product category development can also meet the market demand and the immediacy of supply, such as cellophane tape, PVC electrical insulation tape, double-sided Series tape, high viscosity double-sided computer embroidery tape, single and double foam series tape, waterproof cloth base tape, PE polyethylene protective film tape, transformer PET polyester film (Mela) tape, acetate cloth tape, high temperature wrinkle resistance Paper tape, printed circuit board composite tape, polyimide tape, aluminum foil tape, copper foil tape and other special tapes and high temperature resistant tapes have been put into production, which has attracted the attention of the world's major tape manufacturers, and has taken a substantial price cut 30 ~80% responded to the situation and formed a fierce market competition with Taiwanese manufacturers


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