Autimatic Joint Tape Coting Making Machinery

Autimatic Joint Tape Coting Making Machinery

1. High precision alloy steel die head make sure the customer can get the best coating effection.

2. Total Machine is controlled by  PLC.Precision control coating speed and glue amount.

3. Increase the film function in some glue or substrate is not suitable for direct knife coating that realize 2 kinds of craftwork (knife coating and film coating.) on one machine.

Autimatic Joint Tape Coting Making Machinery

Coating Machine - How to choose a coater

Fifth, after-sales service, after-sales service can do 7*24 hours customer service + technical service, timely service in place, users will be assured. From the above points, we briefly analyzed some basic conditions that the coating machine supplier needs to understand. With the development of the market, and the coating machine supplier which is good, the coating machine supplier is good, and it also involves the technical threshold of the coating machine manufacturer. There are only a handful of merchants who have the strength to provide coating machines. Some coating machines are supplied to the merchants. These are all based on the comprehensive situation of the packaging and molding machinery manufacturing enterprises of their respective specifications and models, such as the size of the enterprise, the registered capital, the activity level, the information perfection degree, etc. List. The coating machine is so good that you must know how to choose a supplier according to the needs of your own construction.

Autimatic Joint Tape Coting Making Machinery

BOPP film tape introduction --

Tape development history--

four. Development of technology and efficiency products

On the eve of the advent of the 21st century, e-generation technology is advancing at a high speed. The development of digital technology has grown from telecommunications, computers, VCDs and DVDs to more than 20 kinds of computer inkjet products for advertising photo production and digital photo. The technological development process of this kind of product originated from 1992 to 1999, using adhesives of hydrophilic functional monomer polymerization, such as wet water kraft paper tape and glass cardboard (coated paper) related adhesive (PVA polyvinyl alcohol, gelatin). Formulation technology development products, such as high-gloss PP, matt PP, high-gloss photo paper, transparent light sheet, back spray lamp, positive blower film and waterproof fog flour glue and other computer inkjet advertising products, and all with high economic benefits ( 300%~2000% net profit), quietly and high profits for 8 years, only to awaken many tape industry manufacturers and research developers!


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