Water Base Laminating Machine

Water Base Laminating Machine

1. High precision alloy steel die head make sure the customer can get the best coating effection.

2. Total Machine is controlled by  PLC.Precision control coating speed and glue amount.

3. Increase the film function in some glue or substrate is not suitable for direct knife coating that realize 2 kinds of craftwork (knife coating and film coating.) on one machine.

Water Base Laminating Machine

BOPA film ---


BOPA film manufacturing method
According to the different gravure printing methods of the production process, the manufacturing method of BOPA film can be divided into flat film method and tube film method, and the flat film method is mainly introduced here. At present, the production methods of flat film BOPA film are divided into two categories: two-step method and synchronous method. The synchronous biaxial stretching process is as follows: raw material drying→melt extrusion→cooling slab→casting thickness measurement→simultaneous biaxial stretching→heat setting→film thickness measurement→traction, trimming→winding→cutting→packaging Library. The two-step biaxial stretching process first performs longitudinal stretching and then transverse stretching, and the other processes are basically the same as the simultaneous biaxial stretching process. The two-step biaxial stretching technique has one of the biggest drawbacks: the bowing effect is large. This effect can result in a significant portion of the BOPA film product being produced that does not meet the very stringent requirements of the end user, such as high quality printed packaging. The synchronous biaxial stretching process can effectively improve the bowing effect problem, and the produced BOPA film has the characteristics of good quality balance and has a good market prospect.
The method of testing the bowing effect in the laboratory: determining the thermal shrinkage rate of the diagonal line, the smaller the difference between the two, the better the balance of the product; the difference is less than 1.5%, and the warp angle is not generated when the bag is formed.

Water Base Laminating Machine

Coating operation process --


? Pre-adjust the gap gap

2. Adjust the gap between the coating roller and the knife roller. The general gap is between 300 and 400 microns. The specific adjustment is to adjust the clearance by turning the screw (the rotating screw is to rotate both sides at the same time)
? Apply PET film and set the coating width (Note: PET film must be firmly bonded with transparent tape, the coating width is based on the outlet of the slurry)
? Fix the waste pallet, the retaining plate, and carry out the trial coating (single-sided first inspection: whether the coating is dried, whether the coating width is correct, the width of the tabs on both sides, and the areal density)
? Formal coating (provided that all parameters and dimensions are correct), inspection ? Double-sided first inspection (including symmetry, double-sided density, etc.)
? When applying the other side, the strap must be firm (with aluminum foil tape), stop coating, stop heating, remove the coated aluminum copper foil, put it into the oven and heat it in vacuum.
? Turn off the machine, turn off the power, air supply, and clean the equipment.
? Put used tools in place and clean them off work.


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