Roller Tape Production Line

Roller Tape Production Line

1. High precision alloy steel die head make sure the customer can get the best coating effection.

2. Total Machine is controlled by  PLC.Precision control coating speed and glue amount.

3. Increase the film function in some glue or substrate is not suitable for direct knife coating that realize 2 kinds of craftwork (knife coating and film coating.) on one machine.

Roller Tape Production Line

Note on the use of the coater:


2.4. Coating job related product quality issues:
1) How to judge the quality of the coating?
The surface of the pole piece is flat, smooth, uniform in dressing, good in adhesion, dry, not to be stripped, not lost, lack of material, no dust, particles, no scratches, no bubble, the pole piece is a good pole piece, defective The bad pole piece.
2) What are the factors related to the uneven density of the film? How to adjust?
Irregularity and unevenness: the slurry is not uniform, the local solid-liquid ratio is large, the membrane is dense, and the solid-liquid ratio is small, the membrane density is small, and the stirring is enhanced. Vertical and horizontal unevenness: uneven seam, adjustable skew or coating roller, scraper has been deformed, should be adjusted or replaced. Horizontal and vertical unevenness: The speed of the coating roller or the back roller motor fluctuates and should be repaired.
3) How do you judge whether the pole piece has been dried and the temperature is too high? Non-stick rolls, no curling, sticky rolls are too cold, and curling is too hot.

Roller Tape Production Line

Coating operation process --

Before starting the machine, cut the PET film required for coating according to the size; check whether the coating roller, back roller and knife roller are clean. (Other auxiliary rollers include oven and also check)
? Check whether the belt is correct before and after, and whether the aluminum foil is wrinkled. Once found, correct it in time.
? Open air, open power (total power)
? Turn on the phone, press the touch screen tension button, and correct the button (and set the front and rear correction to auto-correction)
? Set the coating speed (pre-set, and then set according to the viscosity of the slurry and the humidity after drying)
? Click the heating button to preheat the drying tunnel (usually turn on the heating 30 minutes before the coating, the heating temperature can be adjusted according to the actual condition)


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