Cheap Tape Machinery

Cheap Tape Machinery

Function:  packaging tape machine producing clear & color & printed packing tapes.

Cheap Tape Machinery

Tape factory budget cost --

Fives. Cost and profit
Equipment cost
Two multi-functional tape machine 2×65000=130000 b. Raw material cost
· BOPP film: 12.5 yuan per kilogram, that is, 12,500 per ton, 1 ton of film has about 40,500 square meters. According to the output of the machine, the two machines consume 20,000 square meters per day. The daily cost is 12500/2=6250 yuan
· Pressure-sensitive adhesive: the ratio to the BOPP film is 1.2 to 1. Consumption of 0.5 tons of BOPP film per day, the glue consumption is 0.6 tons, the daily cost is 0.6 × 7300 = 4380 yuan
· Paper tube: According to the tape specification, the length of the tape is 100 meters and the width is 50mm. The number of sealing tape is 20000/(100×0.05)=4000 rolls. Each paper tube can be cut into 18-20 paper cores and 0.95 yuan each. The daily cost is 4000/19×0.95=200 yuan.

b. Personnel costs
4 operating machine workers, salary of 2,000 yuan per month, 2 sales staff, salary of 3,000 yuan per month, annual salary: 12 × (4 × 2000 + 2 × 3000) = 168000
c. Plant cost The rented factory is about 100,000/year
d. Other costs such as electricity and electricity are estimated to be 200,000 yuan.

total cost
+168000+200000+100000=3809000 yuan
Production: 20,000 square meters of sealing tape produced per day, about 0.8 per square meter
The total output value is 300 × 20000 × 0.8 = 4800000 yuan, and the profit is 4800000-3809000 = 991000 yuan.

Cheap Tape Machinery

BOPP film tape introduction --

a. Chinese name: biaxially oriented polypropylene film. b. colorless, extremely high transparency.
c. Because it is biaxially stretched during the manufacturing process, its tensile strength and impact strength are excellent; therefore, the material is the most commonly used printing material in the packaging industry, and because the material has no heat sealing performance (can not be sealed) ), so can not be used as a composite heat sealing material.
d. Cold resistance, heat resistance are very good, adapt to temperature: -40 ~ 120 degrees Celsius, melting point 165 degrees Celsius.
e. Isolated water vapor performance is excellent, but the oxygen barrier is poor.

f. Common thickness: 20um, 30um, 40um.
g. Most of the product packaging that does not require high barrier properties can choose this material as the printing material.
Like the surface of the outer bag of snack food (snacks) in the supermarket (usually 2~3 layers), most of them use this material, and those beautiful print patterns are printed on this layer of material... There are still unknowns to send an email: QQ: 2332962802




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