Cello Tape Making Plant

Cello Tape Making Plant

Specialized in coating PET film. 
Suitable for coating of BOPP adhesive tape.


Cello Tape Making Plant

BOPP tape technical specifications.


Five, commonly used BOPP adhesive tape type specifications
Type Specification Length Width Thickness Initial tack (steel ball number) Holding viscous mm/h 曙Special 200±1.5m 3±0.1cm 48±2μm ≥13 ≤3
Pure blue 3±0.1cm special for road navigation 42±1mm radar dedicated 6±0.1cm transparent
3±0.1cm normal 180 degree peeling strong N/25mm temperature and humidity aging 180 degree peeling strength tensile strength N/cm elongation at break % ≥5 ≥5 ≥30 150

Sixth, test method
It meets the relevant technical requirements of the standard and QB/T2422-1998 BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for sealing and quotation.

Cello Tape Making Plant

What are the sealing tape production equipment --

3. Laminating machine: The laminating machine includes various mechanical parts such as unwinding device, gluing device, conveying and pressing device, and driving motor. Generally, the automatic laminating machine is mainly designed for the production characteristics of small displays and small touch components, and is one of the necessary equipment for the production of liquid crystal displays.
4. Rewinding machine: The rewinding machine is generally mainly used to make the sealing tape produced in the market into a roll that is often seen on the market. It is also operated by human-machine interface, automatic glue-spraying, frequency control, and edge-sealing. The operation of trimming once is very convenient, and the sealing tape production equipment is generally very convenient to use.


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