Small Business Machines Manufacturers

Small Business Machines Manufacturers

Machines in this series are suitable for reel-shape materials such as BOPP, PET, CPP, luminum  foil, and  paper, 2-layer  repetitious  laminating, high strength production, producing high-quality compound materials  with  high freshness preserving, and boiling & steaming resistance.

Small Business Machines Manufacturers

Sealing tape characteristics --

Compression fixation: The product is wrapped and wrapped by the retractive force of the stretched film to form a compact, space-saving unit, so that the trays of the product are tightly wrapped together, which can effectively prevent the products during transportation. The mutual misalignment and movement, while the adjustable tensile force can make the hard product close to each other, making the soft product tight, especially in the tobacco industry and the textile industry.

Cost-saving: The product packaging can be effectively reduced by using the wrapping film. The winding film is only about 15% of the original box packaging, about 35% of the heat shrinkable film, and about 50% of the carton packaging. At the same time, it can reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve packaging efficiency and packaging grade.

Small Business Machines Manufacturers

Introduction of four-axis winding new tape machine -- GL- X multi-function tape machine

Tape machine technical parameters
Machine type: oven-heated, shaped arch,
Substrate width: min500mm -- max1000mm.
Coating width: 500mm -- 1000mm
Substrate diameter: unloading up to 600mm.
Coating coating: water-based pressure sensitive adhesive
Substrate raw material: BOPP film
Gluing method: wire rod type gluing
Glue viscosity: 50-150cps.
Mechanical speed: 200 M/min.
Coating speed: up to 15~20M/min (according to customer requirements)
Reference temperature: Indoor: Calculated by Min.10degree C.
Oven temperature: up to 120 ° C.
Heating method: steam, heat transfer oil (according to customer choice)
Unwinding method: single station unwinding
Winding method: Double station exchange winding (4 axis winding)
Compressed air: 5Kg/Cm2.
Total power : 15KW, 380V, 50Hz


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