Bopp Tape Making Process

Bopp Tape Making Process

Machines in this series are suitable for reel-shape materials such as BOPP, PET, CPP, luminum  foil, and  paper, 2-layer  repetitious  laminating, high strength production, producing high-quality compound materials  with  high freshness preserving, and boiling & steaming resistance.

Bopp Tape Making Process

Introduction of four-axis winding new tape machine -- GL- X multi-function tape machine

Auxiliary accessories for the tape machine:

    6. Check whether there are any omissions in the installation, ensure the installation of the heater, the heat sensor, and the drive train; check whether the circuits are connected correctly, and the wires are not leaking; whether the whole body is offset incorrectly, and the oven has a gap.
    7. After the installation is correct, start the test machine one by one. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine immediately and check the adjustment; after confirming the completion, start the production again (pay attention to personal safety and machine safety during the operation). The tape machine constitutes an important part of its function:
Unwinding device - responsible for the discharge and winding of the parent roll, can be equipped with tension control.
Printed section - configurable for monochrome, two-color printing.
The sizing part consists of a topping roll and a squeegee roll for applying glue to the substrate. Oven part - dry the glue.
Slitting section - the substrate after the coating is cut as needed.
Winding part - Winding the tape after slitting, you can determine the length of the winding as needed, or you can collect large rolls.
    Transmission section - sub-chain drive and gearbox drive. The average speed of the chain drive is equal, but there is an instantaneous speed, which is not suitable for services with high precision. Slitting machine - slitting the tape machine
Pipe puller - unloading and loading the paper tube on the take-up reel by hydraulic pressure
Automatic pipe cutting machine - slitting the paper tube
Rewinding machine - finishing some of the tape defective products (especially the untidy winding) to reduce the defective rate.

Bopp Tape Making Process

Tape factory budget cost --

Production requirements
1. Equipment requirements
Multifunctional tape machine (two sets)
· Considering the factors such as output, output value and cost, purchase two sets of multi-functional tape coating machines (model: GL1000) of Zhengzhou Yisite Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou Guolian Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.), each of which is 65,000 yuan. A total of 130,000 yuan. Calculated according to the normal working hours of eight hours a day, each day's output value is about 10,000 square meters.
· The equipment is equipped with a production process such as discharging, printing, gluing, drying, hot air circulation, traction, slitting and winding.
· The device adopts heating method (sonic electric heating magnetic field), and has high-tech such as electronic temperature control, stepless speed change, automatic counting, automatic deviation correction, gravure printing, advanced infrared heating, and cooling recompression.
· Tape machine size: 9.6 meters long, 2.2 meters wide, 2.2 meters high.

production material 
a. BOPP film has high mechanical strength, good heat resistance and low temperature resistance, and good transparency. The current market price is 12.5 yuan / kg (from Suzhou Jinfeng Adhesive Tape Factory) b. Pressure-sensitive adhesive The main component is acrylic acid. The ratio of glue to film is 1.2 to 1 to 1.5 to 1. The market price is 7300 yuan per ton. (Sourced from Suzhou Jinfeng Adhesive Tape Factory)
c. Paper tube The price is 0.95 yuan per piece (length is one meter) (from Suzhou Jinfeng Adhesive Tape Factory)


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