Tape Manufacturing In Dongguan

Tape Manufacturing In Dongguan

Packaging bopp packing clear brown adhesive tape jumbo roll production line making coating machine.

Tape Manufacturing In Dongguan

GW500 precision tape machine


During the use, the machine is equipped with an automatic pipe cutting machine to automatically pull the pipe machine.

This type of small automatic tape dispenser for personal investment
Raw materials required for the production of tape include, bopp film, water-based pressure-sensitive glue, 3-inch paper tube
The machine has a width of 500mm and a high degree of automation.

Tape Manufacturing In Dongguan

Introduction to tape coating machine --

In addition, how should the tape coating machine be cleaned and maintained in time to ensure its normal operation? Let me briefly introduce it to you. First: before use, the sol should be heated to a moderate temperature, and the old glue should be excluded. Second: When adding new glue to the machine, be sure to pay attention, do not fill up, add to 1\3 It is full, and then the new glue is heated to a moderate temperature. Third: Be sure to keep the lance head cleaned in time. Fourth: Always remove the filter, clean the filter and some easily clogged parts. 5: When wiping the outer body of the hot melt applicator, be sure to use non-hair removal or clean paper for cleaning.


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