Bopp Packing Tape Manufacturing Machinery

Bopp Packing Tape Manufacturing Machinery

1.1. Used to produce BOPP packing tape;

1.2. Suitable material: 

1.2.1. Base material: BOPP film (0.023-0.032mm) ;

1.2.2. Glue: acrylic acid glue, solid content no less than 55%, viscosity: 150~200CPS.

Bopp Packing Tape Manufacturing Machinery

Introduction of four-axis winding new tape machine -- GL- X multi-function tape machine

How the tape machine works
The work of the tape machine is divided into two parts, namely the printing and coating parts. In order to produce a better product, the two parts have different work divisions.

Place the roll to be printed on the unwinding roll and start the machine. The corresponding mechanism is rotated by the transmission device, and the gravure printing is realized by lamination of the printing plate roller and the printing rubber roller, and then dried by natural drying or heating, and the winding roller is wound up to complete the printing function.

The substrate to be coated is placed on the unwinding roller, the machine is started, and the corresponding mechanism is driven by the transmission device.
The tape machine adopts electric, coal, gas and three-bake integrated, electronic temperature control, stepless speed change, automatic counting, automatic correction, gravure printing, advanced infrared heating, cooling and recompression and other high-tech. The production process of discharging, printing, coating, drying, hot air circulation, traction, slitting and winding is completed.

Bopp Packing Tape Manufacturing Machinery

Tape factory budget cost --

Production process

crafting process 
Printing patterns and text on the sealing tape not only increases the value of the tape, but also gives the tape a certain advertising function. When printing, it is necessary to pay attention to selecting the appropriate ink. Improper ink will affect the coating effect of the pressure sensitive adhesive. Something will lead to the adhesion of the pressure sensitive adhesive at the pattern, and the rubber transfer phenomenon occurs during unwinding.
2. Coating and drying
Coating is the most important process for making sealing tape. The pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to the BOPP film and then dried by an oven.
3. Slitting and winding
Cut the parent roll into the size that the user needs, and then curl it. This process should pay attention to keep the sharpness of the slitting knife, otherwise the edge of the tape will be uneven, which will cause the tape to be easily torn when it is wound.

Plant area
According to the size of the tape machine, it is 9.6 meters long, 2.2 meters wide and 2.2 meters high. The required workshop area is 25 × 10 = 250 square meters. The office area needs 10×10=100 square meters, and the total plant area is 250+100=350 square meters.



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