Equipments Producing Packing Tape

Equipments Producing Packing Tape

It is mainly used for proucing kinds of medical tape which are coating zinc oxde hot melt pressure sensitive adheive on silicon paper/glassine paper/ginning membrance, then laminate with cartoon PE/spun-laced non-woven fabric/cotton. or coat adhesive on kinds of substrate directly.

Equipments Producing Packing Tape

GW500 precision tape machine


During the use, the machine is equipped with an automatic pipe cutting machine to automatically pull the pipe machine.

This type of small automatic tape dispenser for personal investment
Raw materials required for the production of tape include, bopp film, water-based pressure-sensitive glue, 3-inch paper tube
The machine has a width of 500mm and a high degree of automation.

Equipments Producing Packing Tape

Tape production equipment, instrument materials and several special adhesive tapes --

Cold pressed tape
Features: It has very low initial adhesion, excellent adhesive adhesion to tape, good paper quality, no curling, good masking effect, and no damage to the core sheet and film layer!
Use: Used for metallized graceful gold spray shielding.

Blind tape
A note belonging to a blind person, the style of the tape has a bump on the surface, and they can be pressed at different points to become Braille. By pasting it on different items, the blind friend can understand these items. What is Dongdong, use, taste, etc., so that they can also get convenience.


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