Plastic Adhesive Tape Making Machine

Plastic Adhesive Tape Making Machine

suitable for cutting PVC tape,masking paper tape,double sided tape,kraft tape,conductive foam tape,duck tape,protective film, etc.

Plastic Adhesive Tape Making Machine

GW500 precision tape machine


During the use, the machine is equipped with an automatic pipe cutting machine to automatically pull the pipe machine.

This type of small automatic tape dispenser for personal investment
Raw materials required for the production of tape include, bopp film, water-based pressure-sensitive glue, 3-inch paper tube
The machine has a width of 500mm and a high degree of automation.

Plastic Adhesive Tape Making Machine

Tape production equipment, instrument materials and several special adhesive tapes --

Various adhesive products related equipment, including coating machine, slitting machine, compound machine, die cutting machine, die cutting equipment, molding machine, rubber making equipment, labeling machine, packaging machine, winding machine, thickness gauge analysis test Instruments, sizing tools and technology, related packaging and printing equipment.
Raw materials and chemical products for all kinds of adhesive products, including adhesives, resins, silicone rubber, glue, solvents, waxes, hot melt adhesives, additives, inks and various gold materials, lithographic materials, and auxiliary materials.


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