Water Base Acrylic Glue Coating Machine

Water Base Acrylic Glue Coating Machine

Make adhesive tapes from raw material to different sizes of small clear & color & printed tapes and jumbo roll on same machine by one step.

Water Base Acrylic Glue Coating Machine

BOPP tape technical specifications.

Seven, inspection
Inspection item defect description
Inspection method defect level
Appearance The tape is evenly curled and must not damage the end face.
Visual inspection, lack of obvious wrinkles, deformation, chromatic aberration, overflow and unevenness of the end face
Visual inspection Slight defects After the surface is unwound, there should be no impurities or spots, and the thickness of the glue layer is evenly distributed and continuously distributed.
Visual inspection, lack of glue, or separation of the rubber layer from the substrate
Visual inspection The missing tape should have a certificate of conformity, including the manufacturer's name, product name, trademark, model (or specification), date of manufacture, quality grade, etc.
Visual inspection, lack of reel, made according to the standard inner diameter 76mm outer diameter 81mm reel
The quality control department is not sampling regularly. The lack of performance meets the relevant provisions of Article 5.
The quality of the tube is not measured regularly. The size/weight meets the relevant provisions of Article 5.
Quality control department is not regular, lack of sampling
Environmental requirements comply with the Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China
Government sampling
Storage and transportation production date to delivery date interval less than 15 days
Visual inspection

Water Base Acrylic Glue Coating Machine

Automotive foam tape machine related introduction --

The various tapes produced by this machine are comparable to the one million yuan equipment, and the cost is low, which has strong market competitiveness.
The equipment adopts advanced electronic temperature control, stepless speed change, automatic counting, automatic correction, gravure printing, advanced infrared heating, cooling and recombination and other high-tech.


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