Machine For Produce Bopp Tape

Machine For Produce Bopp Tape

Make adhesive tapes from raw material to different sizes of small clear & color & printed tapes and jumbo roll on same machine by one step.

Machine For Produce Bopp Tape

What are the sealing tape production equipment --

There are many production equipments for sealing tapes, mainly including tape cutting machines, slitting machines, laminating machines, tension machines, winders, coating machines and other equipment.
1. Tape cutting machine: The tape cutting machine is actually a kind of machine for cutting tape, protective film and sheet plastic material. It has different cutting methods and can be divided into automatic tape cutting machine and manual tape cutting machine.

2. Coating machine: The coating machine is mainly used for the coating production of BOPP sealing tape. It can coat a roll of substrate with a layer of glue, paint or ink of a specific function, and dry it for the entire function of winding.

Machine For Produce Bopp Tape

Automotive foam tape machine related introduction --

It integrates the printing, coating, drying, slitting, winding and other production processes automatically. Simple operation, production requires only one or two workers
Performance and parameters of 0.3MM thick PE foam tape Average peel force 1.82g Average peel strength 0.07g/mm Minimum peel force 1.68g Minimum peel strength - (XtHg/mm Maximum peel force 1. 95g Maximum peel strength 0.08g/mm
Remarks: PE foam tape initial adhesion force 15-17 rigid ball, temperature resistance - 20 ° C - 120 ° C, retention force about 45 days (load weight lkg) ductility 1: 2.5. 


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