Small Adhesive Tape Machine

Small Adhesive Tape Machine

Top selling transparent cello tape slitting machine 

Suitable for the slitting of BOPP, OPP, PE, PET, Aluminium and etc.

Small Adhesive Tape Machine

Tape Making Machien


Protection management regulations:

The tape machine protection must be complete, intact, sensitive and reliable, and the settings meet the following requirements.

1, fully mechanized mining, centralized transportation, main transportation, loading and unloading tape machine must be installed anti-skid, coal, deviation, tension, tear-proof, cable emergency stop, chain, smoke alarm and over-temperature automatic sprinkler, main transportation The belt conveyor on the lane must also be equipped with anti-reverse and braking devices; the lower belt conveyor must be equipped with a brake device.
2. After the continuous mining and comprehensive excavation, the supporting tape machine must be equipped with anti-skid, coal-filling, deviation, cable emergency stop and interlocking device.
3, the transport tape machine must also be equipped with anti-reverse; the lower belt conveyor must be equipped with a brake device.

Small Adhesive Tape Machine

Commonly used BOPP films include: ordinary biaxially oriented polypropylene film, heat-sealed biaxially oriented polypropylene film, cigarette packaging film, biaxially oriented polypropylene pearl film, biaxially oriented polypropylene metallized film, matte film, and the like. The performance parameters and main uses of the various films are as follows:
Ordinary BOPP film
Uses: Mainly used for printing, bag making, adhesive tape and compounding with other substrates.
Performance: * High transparency and gloss * Excellent ink and coating
Water vapor and grease barrier properties with excellent adhesion * Low electrostatic performance Common thickness: 15, 19, 20, 25, 28, 35, 38, 40, 45jim
Thickness tolerance: ±3% (P-ray thickness measurement) Performance
Typical tensile strength of the unit MD MPa >130 TD >220 Elongation at break MD % <180TD<65 Thermal shrinkage MD % <4 TD <2.5
Coefficient of friction Static <0.7 Kinematics <0.7 Haze l2-30fim%^1.5 31-60[im^2.5
Gloss % 35 Wetting tension mN/m >38 Moisture permeability g/(m2*24h 0.1min) <2


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